Enjoying Ice Flakes in a Modern Hanok

In a hot summer day, one of the best things to do is to enjoy a bowl of cool ice flake in a nice cafe with air-conditioning. In Korea, there’s no shortage of ice cream, desserts and coffee shops. When there is a choice, the environment and interior design of the coffee shop is an important factor. It’s been a trending thing to have coffee and tea in the converted traditional Korean houses in Seoul. In the newly developed Incheon Songdo Central Park, Hanok house are built for commercial purposes.

Hanok village in Incheon
When I first saw the big banners on the Hanok houses, I thought that they were ruining the traditional feel of the Hanok houses. Then I thought they probably serve the purpose of attracting passers-by to come to the restaurants otherwise people may think that they are built for decoration purpose.
Hanok houses in Incheon Songdo Central Park
There are a few restaurants in the Hanok complex. Grill and fine dining.
這裏有幾家餐廳,有韓國燒肉和 較高級的餐廳。
Hollys Coffee in Incheon Songdo Central Park
This is the Hollys Coffee. An independent Hanok with glass walls! There’s never too many coffee and dessert breaks…
看到這間 Hollys Coffee,「嘩」了出來,是一間落地玻璃的獨立韓屋!造型環境一流,當然要嘆一個咖啡休息一下。
Hollys Coffee
The key words of “signature ice flake” in this hot weather really works! Will give it a try.
Hollys Coffee
The interior of the traditional Korean house is really nice: wooden beams on the roof, white drapes on one size, and a brick wall partition in the middle.
Hollys Coffee
There were not that many people wander around the area but the coffee shop is pretty busy.
Hollys Coffee
The ordering counter is the same as any other coffee shop.
Vanilla coffee ice flake at Hollys Coffee
I ordered a vanilla coffee ice flake which is one of the signature ice flakes at Hollys Coffee.
我點了一份雲尼拿咖啡冰沙,是 Hollys Coffee 馳名冰沙之一。
Vanilla coffee ice flakes at Hollys Coffee
The ice flake costs KRW 11,500. The portion is big and it tastes good. Some websites give it the highest ranking of five-star.
冰沙售價 11,500 韓元一份,份量相當大而且味道一流,有些網站給它五粒星,最高評價。

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