Autumn in Korea

Staying in Namiseon Island

Namiseon Island has always been a very popular destination for the locals and tourist.  Just in the last couple of years, I would say visiting tourists have out proportion the locals, particularly during the autumn foliage season. More shops, cafes and restaurants are established with the sharp rise of tourists in recent years.

As soon as the first ferry starts, over 100 tourists arrive every 10 minutes. It is almost impossible to get any pictures taken without people getting in the way or the other way round. So I took a different approach: go to the island when people are leaving, spend a night in the hotel, and leave when Namiseon Island is packed with tourists the next day.

Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
Look at how many people are packed on the ferry! Of course most of them were standing on the deck to take photos and look at the beautiful scenery, but still.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
This is the only hotel on the island: Jeonggwanru. There are double/twin rooms, Ondol and bungalows. Autumn is the peak season, you will have to book as early as June when the hotel starts to accept booking. The hotel rooms get booked out quickly.
南怡島上有一間酒店:靜觀樓。 有雙人房、韓式榻榻米和一些獨立渡假屋出租。秋天是旺季,六月份開始介紹秋天至冬天預訂,想住就要快。
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
The reception area of the hotel. The restaurant is on the ground floor as well. Breakfast is not included in the room rate.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
There is a small area to hang out on the first floor where most of the hotel rooms are.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
All double/twin rooms are themed rooms which means they all look a little differently. This is where I stayed. Very simple. Nice and clean. And there is a balcony.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
The bathroom is also normal.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
The reason why you want to stay over is because you will enjoy the tranquility and a beautiful morning on the island.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
This gingko tree path is one of the tourist attraction. Please note that gingko leaves turn yellow earlier than maple trees turn red. So if you time to visit for this, the chance is other maple trees are still green.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
I think that the best view is along the river, with shimmering lights on the river and sunlight going through the trees.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
This gingko tree path is more beautiful than the popular one in the middle of Namiseon Island. This is what you stay over for.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
The spectacular metasequoia tree path is the main spot of Namiseon Island.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
Late October is probably the best time for the very red autumn color.
Namiseon Island 春川南怡島
Namiseon island is a real nice place to see the autumn foliage without having to travel far from Seoul. But I really would avoid the traffic.

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