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Complete guide to Cape D’Aguilar Peninsula

Locating in the south eastern tip of Hong Kong island, Cape D’Aguilar is one of the most popular picturesque peninsula coastline in Hong Kong. It is the only Marine Reserve in Hong Kong. Other coastal areas such as Tung Ping Chau, Hoi Ha and 4 other special areas are marine parks. Cape D’Aguilar Marine Reserve spans across 20 hectares of rocky coastline. Swimming, boating and fishing activities are strictly prohibited.

Cape D'Aguilar Road
Cape D’Aguilar Road

Cape D’Aguilar is a restricted area, only the villagers or workers with permit can drive on the road. Taxi is also allowed. Most visitors would take a leisure walk after getting off the bus. It takes about 1 hour to get to Cape D’Aguilar from the bus stop.

Cape D'Aguilar Battery
Cape D’Aguilar Battery

The Cape D’Aguilar Battery is along the coast of the Hok Tsui Lower Village which is difficult to access. You will have to walk through the bush to find your way down using an offline hiking map. There are some abandoned ruins of village houses with broken glass and bricks but it is not easy.

Turn left to Hok Tsui Village
Village store for food and toilet
Watch Tower
Watch Tower 更樓

There are a few small stores in the village where you can get some snack food and drinks. The one at the watch tower is famous for Tofu budding. There is a basic toilet in the village but that is the only one in the whole area except for the mobile public toilet near the bus stop.

Cape D-Aguilar Lower-level Station

When you reach a round about with a barrier, that’s the end of the road where you have to get off the taxi if you take one. Walk on the left towards the waterfront.

Cape D’Aguilar lighthouse 鶴咀燈塔

As you approach the Marine Reserve area, there is a small sign pointing left to the light house at a split. There are always some constructions/renovation in the area so the sign may look different when you visit. This light house is the oldest one in Hong Kong and a declared monument.


The marine reserve is nice area. The first interesting spot is the Cape D’Aguilar cave which is opposite to the wooden sign. Take a short walk down to the small cave to hear the powerful echo sound of the wave.  Beware of the tidal level and do not walk too close to the edge.

Cape D’Aguilar cave

There is an iconic whale’s bone which belongs to the Swire Institute of Marine Science, a crab cave and the rocky shore. Situated in the south eastern tip of Hong Kong island, it is a great sunset spot. However, please be mindful of the distance and darkness because it is a long way back to the bus stop unless you call a taxi.


Bus stop 巴士站

By bus: No. 9 from Shau Kei Wan MTR station.
By minibus: there is a red mini-bus that goes to Shek O can stop at the bus stop. Please check with the driver before you get on the minibus.
By taxi.


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