Autumn in Korea

Baekyangsa Temple: More Autumn Foliage

Locating within Naejansan National Park, Baekyangsa is the second location where you may see more autumn foliage. You may see the mountain backdrop with colorful autumn foliage and reflection on a couple of ponds, walk on the bridges, and visit some culture assets of South Korea.

The special photo spots are the “pond” area by the entrance and the pavilion at the temple. It is easily accessible from Naejangsan but you will have to spend at least one more day on Jeongeup/Naejangsan to be able to visit. You won’t be able to do a day trip to cover both Naejangsan National Park and Baekyangsa Temple even though the later is part of the National Park.

Baekyangsa Temple parking lot
The parking lot of Baekyangsa Temple is huge, with many maple and gingko trees.
Beakyangsa Temple 白羊寺
Beautiful shades of color from the golden color reed grass, to yellow-green gingko leaves, to orange-red shades of maple leaves. A hot spot for taking pre-wedding photos.
Beakyangsa Temple 白羊寺
The big stone signage at the entrance of Beakyangsa Temple.
Beakyangsa Temple 白羊寺
The first catchment area of the stream closest to the entrance forms a beautiful “pond”.
Beakyangsa Temple 白羊寺
The wooden bridge is also a popular photo spot.
Baekyangsa Temple 白羊寺
The water level is low in autumn. The stone paths are popular places for the photographers to take photos.
Baekyangsa Temple 白羊寺
From the middle of the stream, you may snap a nice photo of the pavilion facing the stream. It’s nice!
Baekyangsa Temple 白羊寺
The Ssanggyeru (Paviliion) facing the pond is the most popular photo spot of Baekyangsa Temple.
Baekyangsa Temple 白羊寺
The pavilion area is the main entrance to the temple.
Baekyangsa Temple 白羊寺
Zooming out of the area: blue sky on the water.
Baekyangsa Temple 白羊寺
The pavilion and the beautiful shades of autumn foliage.
Baekyangsa Temple 白羊寺
The photo corner on the pavilion. All orange and red!
Baekyangsa Temple 白羊寺
The main buildings of Baekyangsa Temple are designated as cultural assets.
Baekyangsa Temple 白羊寺
On a sunny day, this is what you are supposed to see in autumn.
Baekyangsa Temple Station 白羊寺站
Transportation: You may take a 10 minutes train from Jeongup then switch bus that goes to Baekyangsa Temple. However, the bus schedule is not very frequent.
Alternatively, you may take a taxi from Naejangsan or Jeongeup. It will be a fixed fee usually.

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