All-you-can-eat Seafood in Busan

In Busan, there’s never short of seafood restaurant choices wherever you are. There’s an interesting alleyway in near the Seomyeon subway station exit 4, 6 where you can find all kinds of bars and restaurants that open till late.

Seafood Hotpot in Seomyeon
This restaurant (sorry, there’s no English name) specializes in seafood in hot pot style.
Seafood hotpot in Seomyeon
The restaurant was pretty busy at 7:30pm.
Kate Wu having seafood hotpot in Busan
I ordered a “Small” hot pot which was good for 2 persons and it’s this BIG!
Seafood hotpot in Seomyeon
The hot pot has a crab, a squid, prawns, scallops, lots of mussels and clams.
Seafood hotpot in Seomyeon
There is a service. The waiter cut the crab, scallops into bite size and put the meat on the shells.
The squid was also cut into bite size, making it easy for the customers.  魷魚也被剪開,方便顧客。
The squid was also cut into bite size, making it easy for the customers.
Seafood hotpot in Seomyeon
This meal for two was KRW 38,000 (approx. HK$266). A can of coke was KRW 2,000 (HK$14).
這一大盤海鮮火鍋只需38,000 韓元(約港幣$266),可樂一罐:2,000 韓元(約港幣$14)。
Grilled seafood restaurant in Seomyeon
The seafood restaurant has another branch that specializes in grill in the neighborhood.
Grilled seafood restaurant in Seomyeon
There is an all-you-can-eat option which costs KRW 19,900 per person.
這間燒烤專門店有任食選擇,每位 19,900 韓元。
Grilled seafood in Seomyeon
Each round is a full set of different shell fish. The waiter will help grill the first round and cut the scallops and put them into the heated sauce for serving.
Grilled seafood in Seomyeon
Personally, I prefer the hotpot version better. The grill is a bit too much work and the all-you-can-eat is too much.

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