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Tamatsukuri Onsen: Tamai Annex

Tamatsukuri in Shimane Prefecture is one of the oldest onsen areas in Japan since 733. It is a popular onsen area known as the “baths of the gods”, implying the gods like taking bath in the area. Hence many statues and images of myths and gods along the onsen street. The main feature is the beautiful Tamayu River that passes through the district from the JR station to the onsen area. It’s a lovely tranquil area where many traditional Japanese inns (ryokan) can be found. Also, there are some free foot baths, shops and cafes that offer a nice short walk.

Tamai Annex 玉井別館
Tamai Annex is near the beginning of the onsen area. Please see the address in Japanese. You may take JR to Tamatsukuri Onsen, then take a 10 minutes bus ride.
玉井別館地址:〒699-0201 島根県松江市玉湯町玉造1247。
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
It is quite a big onsen hotel. This is the reception area.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
The lounge area offers free tea and coffee during the day for the guests to sit around and relax.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
You may walk outside to the small garden.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
Guests can pick up a set of bath robes on the ground floor.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
Like many other hot spring hotels, there is a shop that sells some local products, snacks and souvenirs.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
There are a few outdoor foot bath pools outside the souvenir shop.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
The hot spring is on the second floor, men and women separate.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
The female onsen.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
The ladies indoor onsen.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
The outdoor onsen pool. The water in Tamakushi onsen area is famous for its dermatological properties, attracting a lot of female customers who want to stay young and pretty.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
Some rooms are traditional Japanese style and some are Japanese-western style.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
The Japanese-western style means the beds are western style while the living area remains Japanese.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
The dinner is a big set meal with a hot pot, sashimi, grilled fish, tempura, steamed egg, tofu, mushrooms, soup and dessert.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
The Japanese breakfast set is also big. You have to arrange the breakfast time because it’s an individual set course, not a buffet.
Tamai Annex 玉井別館
One night stay with breakfast and dinner costs around ¥14,000 per person for a twin/double room. Price varies depending on the room type and season.
Tamatsukuri Onsen Station 玉造溫泉站
Transportation: take west Japan railway to JR Tamatsukuri Onsen Station in Shimane Prefecture. Then switch a 10 minutes bus ride or taxi.
交通:乘搭西日本 JR 至島根縣玉造溫泉站,再轉10分鐘巴士或的士。

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