Hot spring


Founded in 1884, Haiya is a traditional onset in Awara Onsen area of Fukui Japan. The hotel lobby, public bath and main entrance were renovated in 2006. Some of the hotel rooms are also newly renovated. The hotel is well maintained with a nice Japanese garden, shop, spa, bar, event halls, 15 themed room with direct access to the garden, 6 of which has private onsen, and 35 other Japanese rooms on the upper floors (15 of which are garden view and decorated with Echizen Washi. It is one of the famous traditional Japanese hotels in Awara Onsen area.

Tamatsukuri in Shimane Prefecture is one of the oldest onsen areas in Japan since 733. It is a popular onsen area known as the “baths of the gods”, implying the gods like taking bath in the area. Hence many statues and images of myths and gods along the onsen street. The main feature is the beautiful Tamayu River that passes through the district from the JR station to the onsen area. It’s a lovely tranquil area where many traditional Japanese inns (ryokan) can be found. Also, there are some free foot baths, shops and cafes that offer a nice short walk.

Traditional Japanese hot springs (Onsen) are common bath were people soaked in a large hot tub together, naked. This Japanese tradition has brought to Taiwan for more than 50 years. Many people, particularly the older generation, are used to the Japanese style of public hot spring. In their hearts, Taiwanese are shy to go naked in front of other people. If possible, they prefer private bath (I think that’s most people). That’s why Hot! Spring Onion only offers private rooms of different sizes and designs for friends and families. Each hot spring room are well decorated and equipped with a shower, a large enough hot tub to share, and a dressing room. Larger rooms will have a TV and rest area. The designer rooms have interesting paintings on the walls to make it colourful and interesting. Enjoy a good hot bath with you loved ones is now available in Yilan! And it’s new.

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