Hanbok Experience at Bukchon

Wearing traditional Korean clothes (Hanbok) to take photos in the backdrop of traditional Korean houses (Hanok) has been very popular in these couple of years. It’s called Hanbok Experience.

Yoon Hye Yong Hanbok
As I walk through the alley on my way to the 2nd view of Bukchon, I found this Yoon Hye Young Hanbok which is obviously a shop.
Yoon Hye Yong Hanbok
There is a “Hanbok Experience” sign at the front door with a professional photo. It looks very nice.
Yoon Hye Yong Hanbok
There is a nice traditional Korean courtyard right at the entrance.
Yoon Hye Yong Hanbok
I was greeted by Joey who manages Hanbok Experience business.
這位是 Joey,她負責「韓服體驗」的生意。
Yoon Hye Yong Hanbok
The shop has been a Korean tailor since Joey’s grandmother time 56 years ago. Her mother took over the business and has been running it for 35 years. All tailorings are by appointments only.
這家店主要是 Joey 媽媽的裁縫生意,她外婆在這裡做了20年裁縫生意,然後她媽媽繼承了裁縫店繼續經營,到現在已經有35年歷史,訂做韓服是要預約的。
Yoon Hye Yong Hanbok
The main area displays some nice Hanbok, boxes and accessories. They all look high quality.
Yoon Hye Yong Hanbok
Many of Koreans wear Hanok for major events such as wedding. Here, you can buy high quality Korean beddings and accessories.
Yoon Hye Yong Hanbok
These elegant wedding chests (supposed to be filled with wedding contents) called Ham in Korea are used for holding wedding contents and a gift from the groom to the bride before the wedding. It costs over KRW 200,000 per box.
Yoon Hye Yong Hanbok
These embroidery pouches are for wedding, too. There are five different colours of lucky pouches, each filled with different types of beans that represent happiness and blessing for the newly weds.
wedding ducks
A pair of wooden Mandarin ducks are used in Korean wedding ceremony, representing happiness and longevity. Unlike other ducks, they mate for life.
Yoon Hye Yong Hanbok
A cute Korean Hanbok for children.
Hanbok shoes
Hanbok shoes.
Soon Hye Young Hanbok
The Hanbok (traditional Korea clothes) for rent are all made of silk. The Hanbok experience costs KRW 25,000 for 2 hours.
Soon Hye Young Hanbok
You may take photos in this area, the courtyard and even walk around the Hanok area. Just make sure you come back in time and keep the clothes clean.

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