Great Night View from the Landmark of Seoul

At 236 meters, N Seoul Tower is the highest point of Seoul where you can get a good view of the city. The night view of the city is spectacular!

“N” stands for “new” look when the Seoul Tower went through a 15 billion won remodelling project. Now, there are a few restaurants, namely N Grill, N Burger, N Terrace, N Sweet Bar in the tower, offering a panoramic view and a wide variety of food and drinks from a simple burger to fine dining by a Michelin star chef.

The observatory is another paid access. However, since I can see the panoramic view of Seoul city from the public area, I didn’t go up the N Tower.

I think that the interesting experience is the elevator ride near Myeongdong subway stations that leads to the entrance of the cable car station where you can take a cable car up to the top of Namsan Mountain. You may also walk up to the cable car stations. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Namsan elevator 南山電梯
The road near Myeongdong Station where you can take the elevator up the cable car station. 明洞站旁上電梯的路,可以到達往南山的吊車站。
The love pad locks at Namsan terrace 南山平臺上的愛情鎖
The terrace of N Seoul Tower is filled with love pad locks as testaments of unfailing love. In case you haven’t brought one, they are available for sale at the gift shop. No excuses! 在平臺欄杆上掛滿了「愛情鎖」,以見證永久愛情的承諾。如果沒有自備,精品店有售。沒有藉口不掛一個!
The love sculpture at Namsan in Seoul. 首爾南山的愛情雕塑
The love sculpture on the terrace is a popular photo spot. It was just a stand alone sculpture, now barricaded probably due to too many tourists. 愛情雕塑是拍照的熱點。以前是沒有圍欄的,現在遊客太多,拍照只能在圍欄外拍照。
Sunset at Namsan 南山日落景
The sunset is a bit far away but still a good one. 日落比較遠但仍然好看!
Nightview from Namsan, Seoul. 首爾南山的夜景
The best time to take photos of night view is when the sun has just gone down, the sky is still blue and the light of the city is up. 拍攝夜景的最佳時間是太陽剛下山的時候-城市燈光開始亮起來,天色還是深藍色的時候。
The pavilion at Namsan, Seoul 首爾南山的涼亭
The pavilion in Namsan was not any special during the day. But the LED highlight at night is very nice. 在南山的涼亭白天沒什麼特別,晚上的燈光卻把它變成一個耀眼的建築。
Restaurants between Namsan and Myeongdong 南山至明洞的餐廳
After you come down by cable car, you may take a short walk down to Myeongdong area. There are many nice looking coffee shops and restaurants on the way down. 參觀 N Tower 後如果乘坐吊車下山,可以步行到明洞,沿途有許多特色咖啡店和餐廳。



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