Bukchon Afternoon Tea: Rice Cake Toast & Waffle

It will be a good half-day walk if you take the 8 views challenge and have a good look at Bukchon Hanok Village. Depending on the time you start, a lunch/afternoon tea is a good way to break up a long walk.

While you are in Bukchon, don’t miss a chance to dine in a traditional Korea house as well. Here are a couple of places I’ve tried.

Cafe LN
Cafe LN is an elegant Hanok locating at 5, Bukchon-ro Na-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul.
LN 咖啡室是一間優雅的傳統韓屋,位於鍾路區北村路5Na街5 (花洞)。
Cafe LN
The front yard is inviting with a signage in Korean and English.
Cafe LN
The square shape courtyard is the most popular seating area, featuring a nice pine tree and a couple of small table and chairs. Excellent ambience with day light, fresh air and surrounded by Korean structure.
Cafe LN
The indoor furnitures are modern.
Cafe LN
One corner of Cafe LN displays some designer T-shirts, diaries and stationery that are unique to the cafe. They are for sale.
餐廳的一個角落擺放了一些設計T-shirt 和文具出售。
Glutinous rice cake waffle
The glutinous rice cake waffle is one of the signature dessert at Cafe LN.
Sesame Congee and Rice Cake
The other one is sesame congee with rice cakes.
Omija Tea
There are a variety of tea and coffee in the cafe. I tried the Omija Tea which is a traditional Korean tea.
Hanok cafe in Samcheong-dong
Another cafe I had tried is this one at the end of the 8th View on Samcheong-dong.
Rice bread
There are a few choices of rice cake bread and desserts. The three cups on the left are Rice Bread. The cakes on the right are rice cakes.
Rice cake ice cream
The rice cake ice cream!
Rice cake toast
I’ve also tried this rice cake thick toast. The glutinous rice cake is a thin melted layer on the toast with ice cream on top with sprinkle of nuts and seeds. Yummy!
Rice cake toast with ice cream
Glutinous rice cake is very chewy and filling. A think layer is good, not too chewy.

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