Artbox Flagship Store in Busan

Artbox is one of my favorite shops every time I visit Seoul. As I travel beyond the city center of Seoul, I noticed that there are shops in areas where young people hangout. It’s a great shop with interesting local designs small items such as T-shirts, caps, stationeries, personal accessories, mugs, umbrellas, and many other small items. It is easy to find some “Made in Korea” products as souvenirs.

Artbox in Busan
Locating near the Kyungsung University, Pukyong National University Station, the green line no. 212 station, the Artbox really stands out. I have never seen such as big Artbox before.
走出慶星大學、釜慶大學站(地鐵線2號線 212號站),看到這間巨型 Artbox,立即感到興奮。從來沒有看過這樣大型的 Artbox。
Artbox in Busan
I think Artbox is a Korean version of Log-On, carrying a variety of personal items targeting young markets.
Artbox 好像韓版 Log-On,有許多年輕人喜歡的有型別緻的個人產品和小玩意。
Artbox in Busan
Like Line Friends and Kakao Friends in Korea, there are two sets of large characters in the shop as an attraction.
這間Artbox 像 Line Friends 和 Kakao Friends 旗艦店一樣, 除了空間大,還有兩座巨型卡通人物坐陣。
Artbox in Busan
The upper floor of the shop has several sections. This is a skincare corner.
Artbox in Busan
Garden section.
Artbox in Busan
These are headbands!
Artbox in Busan
Stationeries are popular items in Artbox.
Artbox 的文具很受歡迎。
Artbox in Busan
The mug section is also big.
Artbox in Busan
The ceramic mugs are cute if you don’t mind hand carry them back.
Artbox in Busan
This kitchen ware section is new. I’ve never seen it before.
廚房用品是新的吧?我印象中沒有在 Artbox 見過。
Artbox in Busan
Cute socks.
Artbox in Busan
There’s never two many boxes and containers for girls.
Artbox in Busan
Another reason why these products are popular is because they are “made in Korea”!

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