Shopping in Korea


Artbox is one of my favorite shops every time I visit Seoul. As I travel beyond the city center of Seoul, I noticed that there are shops in areas where young people hangout. It’s a great shop with interesting local designs small items such as T-shirts, caps, stationeries, personal accessories, mugs, umbrellas, and many other small items. It is easy to find some “Made in Korea” products as souvenirs.

If you have been to COEX Mall of South Korea before, the new look will give you a pleasant surprise. Renovated and relaunched in 2015, the renovated COEX Mall is now a modern shopping mall with 200 retail outlets and 90 cafes and restaurants. It remains one of the largest underground shopping mall in Asia. In case of rain, this will be a great place to spend a day. In addition to the endless shopping, there is a large video game center, cinema and an aquarium.

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