Line Friends Café & Store

The popularity of Line, a mobile application for instant messaging and communications has continued. The characters (Line friends) are so popular that they are now created into 3D toys, T-shirts and all kinds of merchandise. A Line Friends retail counter in Lotte Young Plaza in Myeongdong a few years ago is now expanding into a flagship store with a Line Cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam in Seoul in March 2015. There are Line Friends stores in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Asia but if you travel to Seoul, you won’t miss the Line Friends Cafe & Store.

Line Friends Store & Cafe
The Line Friends Café & store in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam Seoul is a flagship store in Korea.
首爾江南新沙洞的 Line Friends 咖啡及專門店是 Line 在韓國第一間旗艦店。
Line Friends Café & Store
The unique thing about Line Friends store is the “Photo OK” sign. No food & drinks. No Pets. No Smoking.
Line Friends 專門店的特色之一是可以拍照。飲食、吸煙、攜帶寵物都不可以。
Line Friends Café & Store
The first thing people do in the store is to take photo with the giant stuffed Brown.
人人走進專門店做的第一件事是和這個巨型 Brown 合照。
Line Friends Cafe & Store
The flagship store is very spacious and there are Line friends everywhere for photography.
旗艦店地方寬躺,到處都有 Line Friends 可以合照。
Line Friends cafe & store
There are all kinds of merchandise: T-shirts, bags, hats, mouse pads, stationeries, and more.
專門店內有各式各樣的 Line 產品:衣服、帽子、包包、文具、玩具,應有盡有。
Line Friends cafe & store
Kids clothing and accessories.
Line Friends cafe & store
Cony couple mugs are cute.
Cony 的一對陶瓷杯很可愛。
Line Friends Cafe & Store
Brown (the bear) and Cony (the rabbit) are the most popular Line characters.
Brown (熊大)和 Cony (兔兔)是 Line Friends 最受歡迎的角色。
Line Friends cafe & store
There is another giant Sally in the basement of the Sina-dong flagship store. Sally is a little chic.
在新沙洞的旗艦店樓下也有一隻巨型 Sally。Sally 是小雞。
Line Friends Cafe & Store
The Line Cafe is the highlight of this flagship store.
旗艦店最大特色是有 Line Cafe。
Line Friends Cafe & Store
The Line Cafe is very attractive, displaying all kinds of Line characters eateries.
Line 咖啡相當吸引,有很多精緻Line Friends 造型的甜品美食。
Line Cafe
Line Friends donuts and cookies.
Line Friends 甜圈和曲奇。
Line Cafe
The macarons are cute.
Line Cafe
Line Friends Ice Cream.
Line Cafe
The Line Cafe is actually quite popular. Everyone is busy taking photos and share them with friends.
Line Friend Store
Line Friends appeal to guys as much as girls. Siuchung of Automomo was excited in the store.
Line Friends 不單吸引女性,大男人也覺得有趣。貓貓車網的小松到專門店內也很興奮。
Line Store
貓貓車網的狄 Sir 都買了好幾件 Line 禮品。
Dik Kong Sang from Automomo bought quite a few Line products.
Line Friends store
Cony the rabbit is my favorite Line friends.
我比較喜歡 Cony 兔兔。

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