The Banpodaegyo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is an interesting 20-minute show at night in Seoul between April and October. There are 3 shows from 20:00 to 21:00 during the weekdays in April, June, September and October. The show begins earlier at 19:30 at the weekends, holidays and in the summer (July and August). If you come to the area early, check out the Some Evit on the other side of the bridge which is an artificial island with multimedia gallery and coffee shops. The sunset is really gorgeous then you may walk across to see the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain performance.

Adorned with beautiful gingko trees, the 1-kilometer street of Sinsa Dong Garosu-gil (tree-lined street) is one of the most popular areas for both locals and tourists in Gangnam, Seoul. Garosu-gil housed art galleries in the 1980s and small shops in 1990s. In the past decade, modern shops popped up and many are run by young generations who studied overseas, bringing western styles to create a unique and cool area for dating, hanging out with friends, and tourists to visit.

If we are not shopping for cars, we don’t normally go to car showrooms. That’s why most car companies come to you by running road shows and events. Some set up coffee shops and VIP services for the car owners to enhance their brand loyalty. But that’s pretty exclusive and usually not very accessible by public transportation. Now, if you visit Seoul, you may go Hyundai Motorstudio which is locating in Gangnam, a walking distance from a subway station. It’s a inviting motor studio where you are free to see, touch and feel different car models.

Walking around Gangnam is really fun. Most of the shops are spectacular with unique design. A shop is not just a shop, it’s a whole building. It’s very fascinating to explore the area. The Figure Museum W is one of the buildings that caught my eye when I walked by. It is a private museum that features all kinds of figures from Japanese manga to American super heroes.

Gangnam K Star Road is really fun in a sense that there are so many spectacular buildings, flagship stores, well-designed restaurants and bars. Even selling ice cream bars is a little fancy. Bardot is a US ice cream bar brand and the red lips are the signature icon. It’s amazing how such a simple design is turned into a successful business. Well, it’s an attractive design not only for men…

Whether or not you are a k-pop star fan, you should never miss Gangnam when you visit Seoul. Gangnam has been the most trendy and stylish place where the flagship shops of all the international brands and the entertainment agencies are. If you come to the area often enough, there is a good chance that you will see some singers and movie stars in some bars, cafes and restaurants. Now, there is a good alternative which is as entertaining and exciting when you come to the area. The GangnamDol, a created word of “Gangnam” and “idol”. There is a collection of popular k-pop stars on the 1 km long branded K Star Road where you are free to take photos and hugs your idols (the GangnamDols).

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