Cool Gangnam: Private Figure Museum

Walking around Gangnam is really fun. Most of the shops are spectacular with unique design. A shop is not just a shop, it’s a whole building. It’s very fascinating to explore the area.

The Figure Museum W is one of the buildings that caught my eye when I walked by. It is a private museum that features all kinds of figures from Japanese manga to American super heroes.

Figure Museum W
The larger than life figure guarding a irregular shape door is really eye-catching. Not only it drew my attention, but it also arouse my curiosity to check it out.
Figure Museum W
As soon as I walked in, there are life-sized figures every where. The spiderman of course will be up on the wall and on top of the glass-walled elevator.
Figure Museum W
The museum tour began on 5th floor which is dedicated for themed exhibition.
Figure Museum W
The first character in sight was this cool motor bike in Tron movie.
Figure Museum W
Each character is displayed independently with spot lights, making each model very special. They are all very delicate.
Figure Museum W
This Lamborghini Aventador with Swarovski crystals is a collectible item.
Figure Museum W
The 4th floor is dedicated for Animate Hero characters.
Figure Museum W
There is a wide collection of Gundam models, from miniature to life-sized characters.
Figure Museum W
Masked Rider Black Shadow Moon Version.
Figure Museum W
Tetsujin 28-go, a 1956 Japanese manga.
Figure Museum W
The 3rd floor is a Super Heroes floor. Many are movie characters.
Figure Museum W
Iron man, Wolverine, Superman, Terminators and more.
Figure Museum W
The W Shop is on the second floor, selling all kinds of popular figures and models.
2樓是 W Shop,售賣各款模型產品。
Figure Museum W
And some collectible items.
Figure Museum W
The first floor is the grand hall and W Cafe. It is also the entrance floor.
1樓是入口、W 咖啡室和大廳。
Figure Museum W
There is an Iron Man, a Badman and other figures in the grand hall and cafe.
除了鐵甲奇俠,也有一個高大的蝙蝠俠留守,還有幾個其他 figures,陪你飲咖啡。
Figure Museum W
The basement is a multi-function floor with recreational activities, games and books.
B2 是多用途樓層,有各種遊戲、活動和漫畫書提供。
Figure Museum W
There is a workshop area where education programs take place.
Figure Museum W
There is an admission fee of KRW 15,000 for adult, KRW 13,500 for youth and KRW 12,000 for children.
Address: 3, Seolleung-ro 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
(Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 4)
W 博物館的入場費為:成人每位 15,000 韓元,青年每位 13,500韓元,小童每位 12,000韓元。
地址:首爾江南區宣陵路158街3 (狎鷗亭羅德歐奧站4號出口)

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