Autumn in Japan

Autumn Foliage in Hokkaido University Campus

Ever thought about visiting a university campus for autumn foliage? The Hokkaido University is a great place to see gingko trees and the color in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan. Locating just 10 minutes on foot from Sapporo JR station North Exit, this 140 years old campus offers leisure walk, historic buildings, gingko avenue and beautiful landscape. It’s particularly beautiful in autumn.

Hokkaido University
The Gingko Avenue locating at the North Gate No. 13 is the most famous place during autumn. A 380 meters long drive way lies 70 gingko trees, forming a yellow tunnel in all every year.
Hokkaido University 北海道大學
The Ono Pond is a lovely little lily pond with beautiful shades of autumn foliage.
Ono Pond 是一個小荷花池,秋色最美。
Hokkaido University 北海道大學
If you want to see autumn foliage in Sapporo conveniently, the Hokkaido University is a good choice.
Hokkaido University 北海道大學
Other than the Gingko Avenue, there are lots of trees that change color in fall.
Hokkaido University 北海道大學
This Hokkaido University Museum is the main building of the campus, housing over 3 million documents and specimen collected in the university.
Hokkaido University 北海道大學
Right by the museum is the Elm Grove which is a nice area with many 100 years old trees.
Hokkaido University 北海道大學
The Former Specimen Room of Agriculture Department of Hokkaido Imperial University. The building was constructed in 1927, one of the historic buildings in the campus.
Hokkaido University 北海道大學
Doesn’t it look like the Clock Tower in Sapporo? This Furukawa Hall was completed in 1909 and registered as a cultural asset.
這座建築像不像札幌的時計台?它是北海道大學的 Furukawa Hall,於1909年落成,是日本文化遺產之一。
Hokkaido University 北海道大學
Across from Furakawa Hall is the Bust of Dr. William S Clark, the founding father of the university.
北海道大學之父及始創人,威廉格林博士(Dr. William Clark) 的紀念像位於 Furukawa Hall 對面。
Hokkaido University 北海道大學
The Central Lawn is a relaxing leisure area for people to hang out. It has beautiful landscape with Sakushukotoni River running through the area.
Hokkaido University 北海道大學
The best walking route is between the South Gate which is near this Central Lawn and the North Gate No. 13. It covers all of the major historic buildings and photo spots mentioned above.

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