Yugharling Hotel in Bumthang

When I travel to Bumthang to see the Jakar Tshechu Festival, I stayed in this Yagharling Hotel which is up on the hill and not too far from Jakar Dzong.

The hotel has a restaurant, a bar with pool table, conference facilities and free wifi but it is limited to the restaurant and bar area. There is no wifi in the room.

The room is really spacious. There are two double beds, a dresser, two sitting areas, and a balcony. Besides, there are 3 electric heaters, 2 in the room and 1 in the bathroom which is very important in the winter. Well, I went to Bumthang in November. It was warm when the sun is out in the morning but it was freezing at night.

Yugharling hotel in Bumthang
The twin room has two double beds. Look at how far away the windows and the low cabinet are from bed!
Yugharling hotel in Bumthang
There are two sets of sitting area, this is one end. There is another bigger area on the right hand side of the dresser.
Yugharling hotel in Bumthang
The bathroom has a bathtub. There’s also an electric heater in there which is very important in the winter.
Yugharling hotel in Bumthang
My favorite is the spectacular view from the balcony, over looking the Bumthang village below. It’s beautiful in the morning with a layer of fog below the mountain. And you can see it disappearing as the sun rises.
Yugharling hotel in Bumthang
About food, the restaurant offers buffet breakfast and dinner. If there’s any special diet, the hotel may prepare separately for you (of course your travel agent is supposed to arrange in advance).
Yugharling hotel in Bumthang
My choice of dinner: lots of vegetables and some rare grilled fish.
Yugharling hotel in Bumthang
Since I don’t really like pork and beef, I always get some chicken delivered to my table.
Yugharling hotel in Bumthang
My breakfast.

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