Next Station is…Happiness

Wang Long Pi is a little lake area where the lake was formed by heavy rain and landslide hundreds of years ago. “Wang Long” means “looking forward for the dragon” in Chinese, meaning that people were looking for good weather to maintain a good environment for farming. Located in the middle of the mountain area and relatively higher altitude, the water level depends on the rain. It was dried up and left abandoned in 80s. Since 2001, the local Recreation Agricultural Department was formed. With the cooperation of various departments, Wang Long Pi was rebuilt through diverting water from the “big stream”, digging up all the muds in the lake, planting trees, putting fish in the lake, adding a foot bridge and pavilion, turning this area to be a nice relaxing outing place in Yilan.

Wang Long Pi has become a tourist attraction after a romanic local drama series called “Next station is…Happiness” was broadcasted in 2009. The official English name of the drama series was “Autumn Concerto” but I prefer the Chinese name, more catchy. The Lake Cafe was where the drama was filmed. You will see the scene and some photos of the film making with actors and actresses on the wall.

It is a lovely little area where you can take a walk around the lake or up the hill, and enjoy a nice coffee.

Wang Long Pi 望龍埤
The entrance of Wang Long Pi in Yilan. You may drive all the way to the other end of the lake to park. 宜蘭望龍埤的入口,你開車可以開到湖的另一面,有停車位。
Foot bridge of Wang Long Pi in Yilan 宜蘭望龍埤的九曲橋
The footbridge leads to the little pavilion in the middle of the lake. 九曲橋可到達湖中的涼亭。
Lakeside of Wang Long Pi 望龍埤湖畔
The lake has become a nice ecosystem with clean water, fish, plants and wild ducks. 這湖在重修的時候有放生原生魚類,現在已經成為一個有野鴨、有魚、有水、有樹木的自然生態系統。
The Lake Cafe at Wang Long Pi 花田村湖畔咖啡
The Lake Cafe in Wang Long Pi consists of a few old village houses. 望龍埤的花田村湖畔咖啡由幾間舊房子組合而成,很有風味。
Lake Cafe at Wang Long Pi 花田村湖畔咖啡
Right by the lake, the Cafe is a really nice place to hang out and enjoy a tea or coffee. 花田村湖畔咖啡環境別緻,面對湖光山色,是渡過悠閒下午嘆咖啡的好地方。
Lake Cafe at Wong Long Pi 望龍埤的湖畔咖啡
There is a little private room with traditional Chinese furnitures. It is one of the drama scenes. 這個置中式舊房子是「下一站,幸福」的場景之一。
Coffee from the Lake Cafe in Wang Long Pi 花田村湖畔咖啡的咖啡
The coffee was pretty nice. 這裏的咖啡不錯。

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