Forever Healthy, Forever Eating

The name of Yong Kang Street literally means “forever healthy” in English. It’s a good name. This street is famous for the concentration of popular restaurants and eateries, including the main branch of the best dumpling restaurant in Taiwan, Din Tai Fung, which has become an internationally well-known brand for decades.

In recent years, this area has attracted many international restaurants, coffee shops, snack and dessert places, offering a lot more variety of food and drink for both locals and tourists. Every restaurant and eatery looks so appetizing that you will not stop eating and drinking.

With increased traffic, the area has expanded from one street to cover a few small blocks, forming a commercial community. There are also many gift shops, spa and foot massage, natural and health care product shops that you can enjoy shopping in between your meals and drinks.

Ding Tai Fung Taipei 台北鼎泰豐
The not-to-be-missed Ding Tai Fung dumpling restaurants right at the beginning of the Yong Kang Street. There is always a long queue outside for a minimum waiting time of half an hour. 這裏最有名的當然是鼎泰豐本店,永遠排長龍,至少要等半小時以上。
8% ice ice-cream shop in Yong Kang Street, Taipei
The 8% ice ice-cream and popsicles are very colorful. The shop is stylish with seating areas. 8度冰是一家雪糕店,從餐廳外型、裏面的裝潢及雪糕、雪條的顏色和造型,都十分 cool。
Du Hsiao Yueh noodle shop 台灣度小月
Du Hsiao Yueh is a famous Tainan noodle since 1895. Each branch carries a tradition to set up a small kitchen by the entrance area to cook the noodle the way it was made in the old days. Very authentic. 度小月創辦於1895年,由當年只是用擔挑賣麵成為現在台南著名的擔仔麵店。每間店都有一個小型簡單的廚房,保留昔日路邊攤煮麵線的風味。
Miced pork noodle of Du Hsiao Yueh 度小月擔仔麵
This is the authentic soup noodle with shrimp and a bit of minced pork. 這傳統的擔仔麵有蝦和豬肉碎。
Beef noodle shop 誠記牛肉麵
There is an award-winning beef noodle shop across the street of the Du Hsiao Yueh where there was a long queue. 度小月對面的誠記牛肉麵是比賽獲獎的牛肉麵店,門口排了一條很長的龍。
Beef noodle shop in Yong Kang Street Taipei 台北永康街誠記牛肉麵
There is a big signage showing the first runner-up prize of a Taipei International Beef Noodle Competition in 2008. 門口貼了一張很大的廣告牌展示2008年獲得台灣國際牛肉麵比賽亞軍。
Chines roti in Yong Kang Street, Taipei 台北永康街煎餅
As it turns out, the queue was lining up for the Chinese Roti at the store. 結果發現長龍是買煎餅的。
Chinese roti in Yong Kang Street, Taipei 台北永康街煎餅
The Chinese Roti looked good. And some ordered a ham to go with it. 煎餅看起來好鬆、好好味。還可以加火腿吃。
Smoothie House in Yong Kang Street 永康街「思慕昔」
The Smoothie House is probably the most crowded shop in the middle of Yong Kang Street. 這家黃色的「思慕昔」可算是永康街中間最多人的店舖。
Mango shaved ice. 芒果雪花冰
Shaved ice with mangos and ice cream is the speciality of the shop. This is the best seller. 芒果雪花冰是「思慕昔」的特賣甜品。這是人氣no. 1 的款式。
Yong Kang Park in Taipei 台北永康公園
The Yong Kang Park is the centre of the whole area and is a significant breathing space for the community. 永康公園位於永康商圈的中心,她是這個社區很重要的綠化空間。
Tea House in Yong Kang Street 台北永康街「回留」茶館
There are many nice looking shops in Yong Kang Street. This is the exterior of a Tea House. 永康街上有許多別緻的商店和餐廳,這家是「回留」茶館。
Tea House in Yong Kang Street, Taipei「回留」茶館
There are different types of tea leaves for sale. Customers may also enjoy a nice tea in the tranquil environment. 這裏有很多茶葉可以選擇,客人也可以坐下來在寧靜的環境中品茶。
Tea house in Yong Kang Street, Taipei「回留」茶館
Apart from tea leaves, there are also tea sets for sale. 除了茶葉,當然也有茶具出售。
Yi Long Tea Set 「宜龍茶器」
Yong Kang Street has attracted many modern shops. This is a modern tea shop that sells branded tea sets with nice design. 在永康街上,有許多時尚店舖,這家「宜龍茶器」就是專賣有品牌和設計的茶具。
Yi Long Tea Set 宜龍茶器
The interior design and display in the shop are nice, with a good mix of Chinese and Western feel. Besides, there are many product choices. 這裏的室內設計和擺設時尚,中西融合得宜,產品選擇也多。
Yi Long Tea Set「宜龍茶器」
This is my favorite tea set, porcelain tea set with wooden handle. 這是我喜歡的茶具,白陶瓷配木耳。
Yi Long Tea Set 宜龍茶器
This is also a nice one with the China blue painting. 這套也不錯,現代的造型用青花藍繪在白陶瓷茶具上。
Yuan shop in Yong Kang Street in Taipei 台北永康街「阿原」
The famous Yuan shop is a Taiwanese brand for natural health care products. 「阿原」是台灣著名的天然個人護理產品品牌。
Hand-made soap of Yuan. 阿原手工肥皂
The founder “Yuan” had sensitive skin and founded the Yuan Soap Workshop in 2005 to make hand-made soap using all natural material. 創辦人阿原一直被過敏膚質所困擾,於2005年阿原肥皂工作室,以純天然材料製造的手工肥皂,提供品質優良的產品。


Yuan skin care product 阿原肥皂
Today, Yuan’s product lines include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, massage oil, and more. 現在,阿原的產品線發展至洗頭水、沐浴露、精華油等個人護理產品。
Rabbit Biscuit coffee shop
This is Rabbit Biscuit coffee shop that sells hand drip coffee and home-made cookies. 這一間是兔子曲奇咖啡室,外型可愛!
Rabbit Biscuit in Yong Kang Street
The owner of the shop is busy making cookies. 店主正忙著做曲奇餅。
The hand-made cookies! 手工曲奇餅!
The hand-made cookies! 手工曲奇餅!





Bistro restaurant
In addition to Taiwanese food, you may find all kinds of food from around the world. 除了中餐,這裏也有世界各地的餐廳。
Eating Time. 吃飯的時間到了。
Eating Time. 吃飯的時間到了。
Japanese Izakaya. 日本居酒屋。
Japanese Izakaya. 日本居酒屋。
Plum stall in Yong Kang Street「梅開顏笑」
This is the most fascinating stall on the street. It’s a plum stall run by an old couple. 這是我覺得最特別的攤檔,賣梅的,店主是一對年長的夫妻。
Plum stall 梅開顏笑
There is only one type of products but many varieties. Plums in different flavors and packages. 這裏只賣梅,就是不同味道和包裝的梅。
The interesting thing is that all the signs are hand drawn on card board papers! very original. Very environmental friendly. The name of the shop is “Happy to See Plum Blossom”. 最有趣的是所有招牌都是手寫在紙皮箱紙上,既原創又環保。店名是「梅開顏笑」。



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