Mount Rokko Day Trip

Mount Rokko in Kobe Japan is one of the most popular and easiest getaway from Kobe city. The spectacular night view is one of the best in Japan and certainly one of the major attractions in Kobe city. If you come here during the day, there are various things you may see and experience.

Mt Rokko cable car 六甲山纜車
While driving is the most efficient and easiest way to get around Mt Rokko, you may also take a cable car up the mountain.
Mount Rokko Cable Car 六甲山纜車
The cable car operated since 1932 and remains a retro look today. It takes 10 minutes to go up/down. ¥590/adult and ¥300/child one way.
纜車於1932年開始運行,現在仍然保留一些懷舊 feel。單程只需10分鐘。大人¥590,小童¥300。
Tenran Observatory 天覽台
Upon arrival of Rokko Cable Sanjo, Tenran Observatory is right on the roof top of the station.
Mt Rokko bus 六甲山巴士
From here, you may take buses to different spots in Mt Rokko.
International Music Box Museum 國際音樂盒博物館
The International Music Box Museum is a unique place where you can see some European music box collections collecting from the 19th to 20th centuries, and to make your own music box.
International Music Box Museum 國際音樂盒博物館
There is a unique music concert every 30 minutes.

International Music Box Museum 國際音樂盒博物館
There is a wide variety of music box available for sale in the museum shop. You may also make your own.

Mount Rokko Garden Terrace 六甲山花園露台
Then you may take a bus up to the Garden Terrace where you can enjoy lunch, shopping and more nice view.


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