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Lamma Hike: Ling Kok Shan

If you are more into a long hike and more exercise on Lamma Island, take a hike up to Ling Kok Shan a hill at 250 m above sea level. It offers spectacular view of Lamma, Lantau and South side of Hong Kong. It is also a place for observing interesting rocks.

From Sok Kwu Wan

Take a ferry from Central or Aberdeen to Sok Kwu Wan, walk along the main street where there is a line of seafood restaurant. Start taking the trail up the hill at the century old Tin Hau Temple. There are directional signs at interaction that lead you up to “Ling Kok Shan” or “Tung O/Shek Pai Wan”.

Start Hiking from Mo Tat Wan

MoTak Wan on Lamma Island 南丫島模達灣

Mo Tat Wan is the smaller and lesser known area on the Southeast of Lamma Island. You may take a regular ferry from Aberdeen to Sok Kwu Wan and get off at Mo Tak Wan (first stop).

A small quaint beach is immediately in sight. There is no life guards there but people still lay on the beach and hang out. There are a couple of local restaurants along the beach.

As you walk along the beach towards the end, you will see some stairs up the hill.

Puppy Rock Overlooking Hong Kong

Follow the path towards Mo Tak Sun Chuen (the new village) until you see directional sign at an interaction. There is a road heading towards Sok Kwu Wan, and the other towards Tung O, Ling Kok Shan.

Continue to walk pass the old Mo Tak village which is the valley area. You will see a public toilet. There, you have 2 choices: 1) Take the stairs up the hill, or 2) Continue on towards Tung O where there is more gentle path up the hill.

Option 1 is more than 1,000 steps up the barren hill. So be prepared if you take this route. As you reach the top, you may take in the spectacular view of Lamma Island, Lantau island on the west and South of Hong Kong island. The puppy rock is the landmark of the hill while many other boulders resemble the look of a tortoise, eagle’s beak and other objects. Some imagination and observation angles are needed!

Shek Pai Wan – the Longest Beach of Lamma Island

When you decent downhill, there is a choice to go the Tung O or Sok Kwu Wan. Tung O is a bay with a long stretch of sandy beach called Shek Pai Wan. “Shek Pai” means a line of rocks. There is indeed a long stretch of beach with lots of rocks on this sandy bay. There are a couple of eateries where you may get some refreshment, tofu pudding or light meal.

From here, you may simply walk back to Sok Kwu Wan via Tung O village. It takes about 30-40 minutes.

Lamma Island hiking trails 南丫島行山徑

Aberdeen Ferry to Mo Tat Wan

There are regular ferries between Aberdeen and Sok Kwu Wan (stop over at Mo Tat Wan) every day. The frequency is every 1.5~2 hours from Monday to Saturday, and more on Sundays and public holidays. Please check the ferry schedule for the details.


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