Off the cost of Clear Water Bay in Sai Kung, Tung Lung Chau (Chau = island in Cantonese) is one of the few outlying islands where you may only visit at the weekend when the ferries are running. However, there are certainly more ferries than other remote islands such as Po Toi Island, Crooked Island and Tung Ping Chau. “Tung Lung” pheonetically sounds like “hole” in Cantonese. That’s the origin of the name given by the locals because the island features many sea caves that look like holes on the wall. While there are very few residents today, this small island attracts hundreds of visitors at the weekend to go camping, rock climbing or coasteering. Monuments and Lighthouse on the Island Tung Lung Chau Light house 東龍洲燈塔 Ancient rock carving in Tung Lung Chau 東龍洲石刻HIking Trail towards Tathong Point 南堂尾 There are a few sight seeing spots on Tung Lung Island. The first monument is the ancient rock carving measuring 1.8m by 2.4m. It was the earliest ancient rock carving recorded in Hong Kong and was declared a monument in…

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