Paro Dzong (Fortress)

Sitting on the steep hill overlooking Paro Valley, the Paro Dzong (fortress) was built in 1644 to protect the valley from Tibetan invasions. It’s formal name is Rinchen Pung Dzong (usually shortened to Rinpung Dzong), means ‘Fortress on a Heap of Jewels’. The site was first built as a monastery then a big fortress for protection purpose.

Like most other Fortress, Paro Dzong is well-sited on a steep hillside adjacent to a main river and there is a watch tower at the back. Many of them remain in use, housing both monastic body and district government office.

Paro Dzong (Fortress) 帕羅堡
The main entrance to Paro Fortress is on the hill side. The main entrance leads to the main courtyard on the middle level of the fortress.
Paro Dzong (Fortress) 帕羅堡
After entering the main gate, a corridor filled with various Buddha’s paintings is in sight.
Paro Dzong (Fortress) 帕羅堡
Like many other fortresses in Bhutan, Paro Dzong houses both monastic body and district government offices. Chapels, halls and government offices are closed for tourists. Tourists can walk around the court yards and visit the temple.
Paro Dzong (Fortress) 帕羅堡
The central tower of the main courtyard. There is a small temple dedicated to Chuchizhey.
Paro Dzong (Fortress) 帕羅堡
This side is where the government offices are.
Paro Dzong (Fortress) 帕羅堡
The monastic quarter is on the lower level through the stairway. There are classrooms, a temple and a prayer hall. The far windows offer a great view of Paro Valley.
Paro Dzong (Fortress) 帕羅堡
This is only part of the spectacular view.
Paro Dzong (Fortress) 帕羅堡
The temple (Llhakang). Most of the temples in Bhutan are magnificent inside. Shoes off and no photos so you will have to come visit and see it yourself.
Paro Dzong (Fortress) 帕羅堡
The representing photo of Paro Dzong (Fortress) is by the Paro River where the Fortress is connecting with a wooden bridge and the watch tower (National Musuem) on top.
Paro Dzong (Fortress) 帕羅堡
The nightview of Paro Dzong (Fortress) and the National Museum is also very nice.

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