Kharchu Monastery

In addition to dzong (Fortress) and temples, there are quite a few monasteries and nunneries which are also sight-seeing places for tourists in Bhutan. This Kharchu Monastery was founded by Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche in 1984. He was recognized by Dalai Lama as the incarnation of a Tibetan lama whose spiritual lineage dates back to one of the closest disciples of Master Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche).

Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche bought a small plot of land in Bumthang at the age of 16 in 1982 and started to build a monastery with very little resources. Today, the complex has a two-storey building with a classroom, a dormitory, a library and offices. The monastery has grown considerably has more than 300 monks at some point. I didn’t see that many during my visit probably because many of them travel around and do not need to stay in the monastery the whole time.

Kharchu Monastery
Kharchu Monastery is up on the hill above Chamkhar town, the main town of Bumthang.
卡朱修道院 (Kharchu Monastery) 位於不丹中部布姆塘主要市鎮的山上不遠處。
Kharchug Monastery
It takes about 20 minutes to drive from the town to the monastery. There are two big prayer wheels by the entrance.
Kharchu Monastery
The monastery is very spacious. There is a huge front yard in front of this two-storey monastery.
Kharchu Monastery
There is a spectacular view of the Chamkar Town below and Jakar Dzong up on the mountain.
居高臨下,可以看到布姆塘市和遠處山上的加卡宗堡 (Jakar Dzong)。
Kharchu Monastery
The two-storey monastery.
Kharchu Monastery
It is a private monastery. Photography is allowed but you should always to ask for permission, particularly during a praying session or events.
Kharchu Monastery
Guru Rinpoche’s statue is right in the middle of the main hall.
Kharchu Monastery
People serve butter cakes, candies and snacks and put them in front of the statue.
不丹人都以牛油蛋糕(butter cakes)、糖果和小吃供奉佛像。
Kharchu Monastery
This may be the daily prayers sessions. There are drums and other musical instruments in the hall where the monks will learn and practice.
Kharchu Monastery
There is a dormitory of 33 rooms. From what I have seen before in other places in Tibet and Bhutan, all dormitory rooms are mostly shared rooms.

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