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大學區好玩在年輕人的商店、咖啡室、餐廳、酒吧都特別多,無論是價格和款式都是適合年輕人。每次走在大學區都覺得充滿朝氣。品牌店和大型 Artbox 在大街上,餐廳和咖啡室則較多在小巷內。


Amazing Grace Cafe
Nice food photos always draw attention. Just wandering around the alleyways, I was stopped by this banner with the sure win choices of ice flakes: green tea & red bean, mango and chocolate. They look good!
Amazing Grace Coffee
There are two signs: Amazing Grace and Cafe A but the same entrance, upstairs of the building.
有兩個不同餐廳品牌,一個是Amazing Grace,另一個是 Cafe A。
Amazing Grace Cafe
There are posters on the elevator door and the walls. The restaurant is on the 2/F.
Amazing Grace 的廣告貼在電梯門和牆上,餐廳在2樓。
Cafe A in Busan
It turns out that Cafe A and Amazing Grace Coffee are the same restaurant. It’s “Cafe Amazing Grace” I think. For the easy of logo recognition, Cafe A is highlighted in different font and color.
原來 Cafe A 和 Amazing Grace Coffee 是同一間餐廳。其實應該是 Cafe Amazing Grace,為了讓客人容易一眼看到招牌和容易發音而把 Cafe A 用不同字款和顏色。
Amazing Grace Coffee
Too bad I’d passed the coffee time when I got there. Otherwise, would have tried the “best coffee”.
Amazing Grace Coffee in Busan
There are quite a lot of cakes selection to go with coffee.
Amazing Grace Coffee
The decision was this green tea ice flakes with red beans, a cone of ice cream and a Daifuku.
Amazing Grace Cafe
Green tea ice flakes and red beans combination can never go wrong. Plus a vanilla ice cream. The only thing is that the condense milk dripped on top of the ice flakes melted the “mountain” look.
Amazing Grace Coffee
A DIY version using a glass.
Amazing Grace Cafe
The overall experience is good. The daifuku was a bit hard. Other than that. It tasted good and the owner (wife) even walked over to asked if I liked it. Very sweet!
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