Year Round Fruit Picking in Ishikawa

Fruit picking has been a popular activities for tourists because many orchards or farmlands offer all-you-can-eat-fruit-picking package that you can pick the seasonal fruits you like in the farm.

Depending on the location, the most common and popular fruit is strawberries which are available between December and May every year. In Kaga Fruitland in Ishikawa prefecture, fruit-picking is available year round. Here’s the schedule:

Strawberries: Mid December to May
Cherries and blue berries: June
Grapes: July to October
Apples: mid October to early December

There are different packages for fruit picking. Advance booking is required. There is a time limit of 30 minutes for strawberry picking and 40 minutes for cherry picking.

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Kaga Fruitland 加賀水果樂園
The grape season begins in July and last till the end of October. There are different types of grapes available at different time: red grapes from July to September; Green ones from September to October.
Kaga Fruitland 加賀果園
The all-you-can-eat grapes picking package costs ¥1,300 to ¥1,600 per adult depending on types of grapes you want. You may open the paper bags to check out the grapes and cut the ones you want. No take away. Just eat in the orchard.
Kaga Fruitland 加賀水果樂園
October to early December is the apple picking season. The all-you-can-eat package is ¥1,200 for adults, including 2 apples to take away.
Kaga Fruitland 加賀果園
Kaga Fruitland is designed for families. While children may want to go fruit picking, daddy can go play park golf then enjoy a barbecue lunch together. The barbecue area is indoor so it’s not a problem in case of rain and snow.
Kaga Fruitland 加賀水果樂園
Buy. Buy. Buy. There are plenty of products for sale in the shop, from fresh fruit to fruit jams and wine. You won’t go home empty handed.
Fruit jam. 果醬。
Fruit jam. 果醬。
aga Fruitland 加賀水果樂園
There are fruit juice, rosé and wines.
Ruby Roman grapes
The gems of the grapes from Ishikawa: Ruby Roman which are the big red grapes in the picture. Each grape is the size of a ping-pong ball. This bunch of Ruby Roman costs ¥10,000. The darker purple grapes behind are the regular grapes.
石川最珍貴的葡萄是圖中大大粒紅色的 Ruby Roman,每一粒都是乒乓球那麼大,這一束售價¥10,000。後面的深紫色是一般葡萄的大小。
Kaga Fruitland 加賀水果樂園
Address: I-59-1 Yutaka-machi, Kaga-shi
Tel: 0761-72-1800
Hours: 09:00 – 17:00 (fruit picking till 16:00)
Access: Drive or take the CANBUS (tour bus) from JR Kaga Onsen station and get off at Kaga Fruitland
地址:石川縣加賀是豐町 1-59-1
營業時間:09:00 – 17:00(摘水果至16:00)

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