World’s Largest Amorphous Architectural Structure

Designed by a renowned award-winning architect Zaha Hadid, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is the world’s largest three-dimensional amorphous architectural structure with 45,133 external aluminium panels that are all different in size, curve and pattern. Zaha Hadid, or should be called Dame Zaha Hadid, DBE is an Iraqi-British architect who was the first woman recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004.

With a design concept of “Metonymic Landscape” and reminiscent of flowing water, DDP adopts a fluid design with curved walls and a free-form shape. This beautiful three-dimensional amorphous structure employs an innovative design approach called Building Information Modeling (BIM) as well as mega-trusses and a space frame to minimize the use of columns and create a massive open space. It is spectacular on the outside and breath-taking inside.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul 首爾東大門設計廣場
DDP is beautiful everywhere you look at it. 東大門設計廣場的外形極之漂亮,任何角度都很好看。
DDP in Seoul
In addition to the aluminium panels, DDP features exposed concrete surfaces, creating a unique atmosphere. 除了鋁面板,DDP 也採用了清水混凝土作外牆及室內裝修,製造出獨特的設計效果。


DDP in Seoul
The DDP structure is so big that it is difficult to get a wide shot. DDP 的建築太大,很難可以拍得全貌。
DDP in Seoul
It’s interesting to walk though these steps between the curved walls. 走在流線型的牆中間,感覺很特別。
DDP in Seoul
DDP employs mega-trusses and a space frame to minimize the use of columns, creating a massive interior space with endless curves. DDP 採用了巨型桁架結構和空間結構的技術,省卻了使用支柱,使室內造成了一個無柱空間。
DDP in Seoul
With the LED lighting effect, it looks like a spaceship in a futuristic movie at night. 晚上的 LED 效果令DDP看起來像科幻片中的太空船。
Dongdaemun history and cultural park 東大門歷史文化公園
If you walk around the building up on the a higher level, you will see the Dongdaemun history and cultural park. 如果你沿斜路或樓梯上一層,會看到東大門歷史文化公園。
Dongdaemun history and cultural park
During the construction of DDP site, the protruding section of Seoul Fortress was excavated. It is the first time such historic artifect relics was found, enabling further study of the building technology and knowledge of the late-Joseon. 在DDP建計過程中,首次發現了雉城遺址,對了解朝鮮後期的建築技術和結構有很大幫助。
Dongdaemun history and cultural park 東大門歷史文化公園
The ground level in Seoul today is 3-5 meters higher than the time the fortress was built, it is very difficult to restore the whole historic site. After consulting with cultural heritage experts, only part of the fortress wall was excavated and opened to public. 由於現在的首爾地面比朝鮮時代高出3至5米,要復原城郭的難度很高,經過與專家研究後,只復原遺址部份,開放給公眾。
DDP in Seoul
Direction: Exit 1, Dongdaemun History & Cultural Park Station. Subway line 2 or 4. 如果搭地鐵2號或4號線,東大門歷史文化公園站1號出口,就會看到像太空船登陸地球的入口。






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