Autumn in Korea

What’s Next after Naejangsan

If you have more time travelling to Naejangsan for the autumn foliage, Seonunsan Mountain is highly recommended. Seonunsan is not far from Jeongup (about 40 minutes by car or one hour by direct bus). It is not as popular as Naejangsan because of it’s accessibility and most tour groups are limited by tight schedule.

Seonunsan Mountain is a renown for the beautiful scenery with camellia blooms in spring, cool valley in the summer and the foliage in autumn. The one time large temple, Seonunsa Temple, is a major establishment on the mountain. Built in 577, Seonunsa Temple was a large temple with over 80 temple buildings and 3,000 monks. Today, only a few temple buildings remaining, including the central Daeoongbojeon (Main Buddha Hall). Seonunsa Temple runs regular temple stay programs, featuring meditation, evening service, preparing monastic meals, Dado (tea ceremony), and making lotus lanterns.

1n 1979, Seonunsan Mountain was designated as a Provincial Park.  It is a popular destination for hiking, with a variety of trails in the forest. It is also one of the premier sport climbing destinations in South Korea.

Smart Travel: While you may take an express bus from Seoul to Gochang Intercity Bus Terminal (3.5 hours) then switch a local bus (another 30 minutes), it is best to stay over in Jeongup for a night then take a one hour direct bus to Seonunsa.

Alternatively, if the bus schedule doesn’t work for you, hire a taxi. It costs around 30,000 won (US$30). Then take a bus back (please get the bus schedule from the Tourism Office at Jeongup KTX station).  Hiring a taxi for the whole day can be expensive and it is getting more and more expensive due to the increased number of tourists.

Seonunsan Mountain in Korea 韓國禪雲山
Seonunsan Mountain has been a designated provincial park since 1979. 禪雲山自1979年開始成為省公園。
Seonunsan Mountain in Korea 韓國禪雲山
After getting off the bus or car, you will walk through a beautiful paths with maple and ginkgo trees on the side to reach the entrance of Seonunsa Temple. 下車後經過兩旁楓葉樹和銀杏樹的路通往禪雲寺入口。今年太熱,十一月第一個星期只有一半銀杏葉轉黃色。
Seonunsa in Korea 韓國禪雲寺
The reflection on the stream is beautiful. 沿途溪水上的倒影很美。
Seonunsa Temple 禪雲寺
Snapshot along the stream. 溪邊隨便停下來都可以拍照。
Seonunsa Temple in Korea 韓國禪雲寺
The stone bridge marks the main entrance of Seonunsa Temple. 到了這條石橋就是禪雲寺的正門入口。
Seonunsa 禪雲寺
The pavilion looks like the one in Naejangsan. 這個角度看木亭很像內藏寺。
Seonunsa Temple in Korea 韓國禪雲寺
The set up of Seonunsa Temple is similar to other temples, there’s a main hall, a pagoda, among other temple buildings. 禪雲寺內的建築物與其他寺廟差不多,有大雄寶殿、佛塔,和其他佛廟。
Seonunsa Temple in Korea 韓國禪雲寺
Charming old temple buildings in Seonunsa Temple. 禪雲寺的建築物有古剎味道。
Templestay in Seonunsa Temple of Korea 韓國寺廟寄宿體驗
There are some other buildings next to Seonunsa Temple that look like the places for temple-stay. 禪雲寺旁邊有其他建築物,似用作寺廟寄宿體驗的地方。
Laterns in Seonunsa Temple 禪雲寺內的燈籠
Making lotus laterns is one of the temple-stay programs. 製作蓮燈是寺廟寄宿體驗的活動之一。
Tea plantation in Seonunsa Temple 禪雲寺的茶園
Dado (tea ceremony) is one of the activities for temple-stay participants. The temple has its own fields of tea plantation. 茶道是寺廟寄宿體驗的活動之一,禪雲寺範圍內有茶園,範圍不大,應該是自用的。
Maple trees in Seonunsan Mountain 禪雲山楓葉樹
After you walk passed the temple, the trail along the stream will lead you go further into the forest where you will see some tall old trees. 過了禪雲寺沿溪流一直走的路段比較有原始森林feel,你會開到很多參天大樹。




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