Using Local SIM Card in Korea

Today, everyone wants to stay in touch with their friends and families at all time. So even when they are on vacation, mobile phone is the first thing people carry, not the passport. It remains the most important personal belonging because mobile phone is used for taking photos, videos, and have them uploaded to facebook and instagram. Not to mention the non-stop whatsapp messages and selfie to share every moment of their live. It’s all good.

The key is to get connected. Wifi pocket has been the most common means of staying in touch in recent years. But it is one more device to carry and one more electronic item to recharge when you go back to your hotel.

In this Korea trip, I used a local SIM card and it worked very well. The main reason why I wanted to get a local SIM card is that I want to be able to make local calls, be it 1330 for emergency help of translation and tourist information, or calling a taxi. It is important for independent travellers who travel to remote places and those who need to make local calls.

I registered online for the special promotion then pick up from the AREX Desk at Incheon International Airport. I selected a KRW 30,000 plan which gets me 40 minutes phone calls and 2GB data. The staff at AREX helped set up my phone. It takes a few minutes to activate.

EG Sim card
At the end of my 2-week trip, I still have 1.6 GB data left. I’ve only received a local call during my stay.
兩星期後旅程,在最後一天的數據用量還剩餘 1.6 GB。我只接收了一個當地來電。
EG Sim top up
Each of the top up card is KRW 10,000 in value.
每張預付電話 SIM 卡充值金額是 10,000 韓元。

With my usage record, I will buy a KRW 20,000 plan or try another service providers next time. Did I paid too much or should I get a wifi pocket instead? The way I look at it is that: it only costs HK$210 for 2 weeks and I could have used it for a month. And I have a flexibility to make local calls without incurring any roaming charges. It’s like buying a travel insurance for the unexpected events. Besides, I have one less wifi pocket to carry, recharge and return when I go back to Hong Kong.

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