Trongsa Dzong

Built in 1648, Trongsa Dzong has been a significant fortress in Bhutan where the first two kings ruled the kingdom from this seat of power.

Most of the dzongs or fortresses were built in strategic locations around the same time (1600s) to protect the country from the Tibetan invasion. This Trongsa Dzong, particularly, locates on the ridge of the mountain right on the pathway between the western region and the central/eastern regions, becoming an important gateway in Bhutan.

Trongsa Dzong
This is the view of Trongsa Dzong and its Watch Tower (now turned into a museum) on the top left of the fortress.
Trongsa Dzong 不丹通薩堡
As a strategically important house of power for centuries, there’s a “formal attire required” billboard at the entrance.
Trongsa Dzong 不丹通薩堡
After entering the gate, there’s long pathway with a check point/ticket booth when you have to register. Your guide will take care of it.
Trongsa Dzong 不丹通薩堡
This is the courtyard of the first level. It is not that big and you will have to walk up the subtle door to the second level.
Trongsa Dzong 不丹通薩堡
The government offices are very busy. You will see many people walk around the dzong.
Trongsa Dzong 不丹通薩堡
Like any other dzongs (fortresses), it is a place for both religious and political use. There is a temple, government offices and halls for the monks.
Trongsa Dzong 不丹通薩堡
A close up view of the dzong built on the steep ridge of the mountain. It is an impressive structure at a strategic location.
Trongsa Dzong 不丹通薩
The most interesting thing about Trongsa Dzong is its complex architectural design. There are so many levels and buildings, making it a very unique dzong in Bhutan.
Trongsa Dzong 不丹通薩堡
The third level has the biggest courtyard. There is a block of building with many rooms on either side of the courtyard. There is another building in front which is accessible through another stairwell.
Trongsa Dzong 不丹通薩堡
Take another flight of stairs up, you will see this panoramic view of the lower building. Spectacular!
Trongsa Dzong 通薩堡
At this level, you will also see the previous watch tower which is now a museum.
Trongsa Dzong 通薩堡
The entrance to the top level features two large prayer’s wheels.
Trongsa Dzong 通薩堡
The top level has a great view of the mountain range and the valley below. Even the monks who work and live there would stop and take a look at the spectacular view.

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