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Running is a trending exercise now. Many people are into getting nice shoes with cushions and support. How many are into functional socks that make running easy? As a frequent travellers to Japan, shopping is one of the main activities and “Made in Japan” products are appealing. However, when it comes to sports goods, foreign brands such as Nike and Adidas are far more popular than the local brands in Japan. So it is not as easy as you think to find local products that are made in Japan.

Recently I saw some made-in-Japan functional running socks in a sports store called Sports Authority. They look good, made in Japan, so I bought a couple of different styles and give it a try.

running socks. 跑步功能襪。
These socks are non-skid, with arch support and dry fit. The key is that they are made in Japan and not expensive. Around ¥1,000 which is less than US$10 per pair.
running socks. 跑步襪。
Sure enough. I tried it and the arch support was very good! They work well and for sure dry very fast.
Toe socks for running 跑步腳趾襪
Then I tried these toe socks for “more advanced” runners. Wow! They were even better. Toe socks serve extra protection to avoid blisters. The overall support and non-slip function make running very comfortable.
然後我試了這款「比較高級」 的腳趾襪。真的是好很多,不單腳趾部份保護更強,不容易因磨擦而出水泡,而且整體的支持度更好,穿鞋襪子完全不會移位!
Running 跑步
Running and exercise releases endorphins which make you feel more energetic and happy. Getting good gears will definitely make you enjoy running more!

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