Traditional Style Yilan Cuisine

It’s always a nice idea to try the local food when travelling, particularly those recommended by the locals. In my experience, usually a long queue of locals outside a restaurant is a good sign.

This Nian Nian Xiao Guan is a nice local restaurant that has three branches in Yilan. The one I went to was in Yilan. It was a unique big restaurant with only one floor. The structure looks like a corrugated iron type of old building. The banners on the outside feature some old photos of agricultural activities in Yilan. There are plenty of parking space which is very unique to this restaurant.

The old wooden tables and benches create a traditional atmosphere. You don’t see these wooden benches often any more. There are also some farming tools in a corner as decorations.

There menu is quite extensive with a lot of variety.  I picked a vegetable dish and asked a local person to recommend the rest. There are quite a lot of deep fried surprisingly. Overall, food is good and very affordable. No wonder why it is so popular among the locals. I bet foreigners like it too. I like it.

Nian Nian Xiao Guan 年年小館
Old photos of agricultural activities outside the restaurant and there are quite a lot of parking space. 年年小館以舊農業活動照片做招牌,停車位很多,很方便。
A simple yet traditional restaurant 簡單純樸的店
The interior of the restaurant carries a traditional and down-to-earth feel. 餐廳內的裝修傢俬懷舊且純樸。
The vegetables in soup with bonito flakes on top. 日食上湯菜加木魚碎。
The vegetables in soup with bonito flakes on top. 日食上湯菜加木魚碎。
Deep fried baby oysters
Deep fried baby oysters with salt and pepper dip. Taste good! 椒鹽炸阿仔(蠔),好味!
Yilan deep fried soup cake 宜蘭糕渣
I called it deep fried “Soup Cake”. It’s made of boiled thick soup with chicken, port and shrimp then deep fried. Yilan people it’s representing their characters, cool outside and warm inside. 這是糕渣,是由雞肉、豬肉和蝦乾煮成高湯,再油炸,宜蘭人說這食物代表了宜蘭人的特點:外冷內熱。
Spicy lemon chicken 辣椒檸檬雞
Spicy lemon chicken is one of the famous dishes in the restaurant. 辣椒檸檬雞是這裏受歡迎的小菜。
Steamed squid 清蒸魷魚
The steamed squid is the fresh seafood of the day. 當天的活海鮮是魷魚。

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