Traditional Japanese Onsen Hotel in Awara: Haiya

Founded in 1884, Haiya is a traditional onset in Awara Onsen area of Fukui Japan. The hotel lobby, public bath and main entrance were renovated in 2006. Some of the hotel rooms are also newly renovated.

The hotel is well maintained with a nice Japanese garden, shop, spa, bar, event halls, 15 themed room with direct access to the garden, 6 of which has private onsen, and 35 other Japanese rooms on the upper floors (15 of which are garden view and decorated with Echizen Washi. It is one of the famous traditional Japanese hotels in Awara Onsen area.

Haiya 灰屋
Shiun is the more lavish suite with a dressing room, direct access to the garden, and a private onsen. Some Japanese royal family members had stayed there before.
Haiya 灰屋
The private onset of Shiun room.
Haiya 灰屋
There are 20 rooms in the 8-storey building which offers different types of room that accommodate 2 to 8 people.
十樂棟有8層樓高,共有20個房間,有不同間隔和大小,可以容納 2-8人。
Haiya 灰屋
Most of the package include one night of accommodation, dinner and breakfast. The dinner set (Kaiseki cuisine) can be very lavish. When you come to a nice traditional onsen like Haiya, sumptuous meals are part of the experience. Enjoy!
Haiya 灰屋
The traditional Japanese breakfast has several courses, including salad, raw fish, a grilled fish and rice. A big breakfast!
Haiya 灰屋
The public bath was renovated in 2006, it is similar to other public bath in other hotels.
Haiya 灰屋
The open air onsen with cover is nice.
Haiya 灰屋
There are plenty of sitting area in the hotel where you can hang around with friends, enjoy a tea and the garden view.
Haiya 灰屋
The garden is a nice place to get some fresh air. You may walk around and watch the koi swimming around.
Haiya 灰屋
The bar is at the corner on the 1st floor near the entrance of the public bath.
Haiya 灰屋
Address: 2-205 onsen,Awara Fukui, Japan
Tel: 0776-78-5555
Access: driving is easiest. Free pick up service from JR Awaraonsen Station

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