The World’s Best Whisky

If you visit Yilan, everyone recommends a visit to Kavalan Whisky Distillery. I am not a whisky fan but I went take a look anyway.

Driving into (or through) the factory is surprisingly pleasant. It was spacious, clean, very green with rows of neatly planted trees, and there are lots of egrets in the yard. It takes a few minutes to drive through the factory to arrive at the Whisky Distiller building which is open for public.

Kavalan Whisky is founded by King Car Group in 2002 when Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization. “Kavalan” is the name of the aboriginals from flatland which is Yilan today.  It is a vast lush flatland facing Pacific Ocean with a backdrop of some tall mountains.  The location was chosen because of the unlimited supply of pure fresh water from the snow mountain and the central streams. Water is critical to the success of the whisky business.

Walking through the Whisky Distillery is self-guided. You just have to follow the signs and read the information in the exhibition halls. It was very interesting, even to people like me who don’t drink whisky.

Since 2010, Kavalan Whisky has received several awards, making it one of the best known whisky distilleries worldwide.  In 2015, Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique is officially the best single malt whiskey on earth, according to the World Whiskies Awards! Check it out next time you visit. However, if you drive, don’t drink. And there is a limit to bring alcohol home on the plane.

The yard of Kavalan Whisky Distillery 噶瑪蘭酒廠的花園
There are rows of planted trees in the yard as you drive through the factory. 噶瑪蘭威士忌釀酒廠種植了許多樹木,環境十分綠化。
Egrets in the yard. 花園可以看到白鷺
There are egrets everywhere in the yard, indicating a eco-friendly environment. 這裏會看到很多白鷺,代表這裏的生態環境沒有污染。
The entrance of the Kavalan Whisky Distillery exhibition hall. 噶瑪蘭酒廠展示廳的入口
The entrance of the Kavalan Whisky Distillery exhibition hall. 噶瑪蘭酒廠展示廳的入口
Barley 大麥穀殼
The self-guided tour begins with a few barrels of barley which you can touch and feel. 自助參觀開始有幾桶大麥穀殼體驗區,你可以摸摸大麥。
There are different color of whisky 威士忌有不同顏色
There are different color of whisky, from light to deep amber. 威士忌有不同顏色,有淺琥珀色到深琥珀色都有。
Kavalan Distiller factory in Yilan 台灣宜蘭噶瑪蘭威士忌酒廠
You may tour the whole distillation process at the Kavalan Whisky Distiller factory in Yilan. 噶瑪蘭威士忌酒廠展示釀酒過程。
Kavalan Whisky in Barrels.
These different size of barrels of Kavalan whisky looks interesting. 這些不同重量的橡木桶包裝很特別。
Assorted Kavalan whisky in small tube form
These small tube forms are great for souvenirs, great for tasting. 小管狀支裝很可愛,適合買來做手信或試飲。
The collection of Kavalan Whisky. 噶瑪蘭威士忌系列。
The collection of Kavalan Whisky. 噶瑪蘭威士忌系列。




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