Autumn in Korea

The Oldest Private Garden in Korea

The Garden of Morning Calm is a really beautiful garden with nice landscape and a wide variety of trees and flowers. It is the oldest private garden in Korea.

The Garden of Morning Calm is conceptualized by a university professor who had a vision to create a world-famous garden and the inspiration of the name is based on a great Indian poet describing Korea as “the land of the morning calm” during Joseon Dynasty.

It is located in the middle of the mountain about 1.5 hours north east of Seoul (Gapyeong County of Gyeong Gi-Do), and not too far away from the popular Namiseon Island. There is a tour bus that runs in a loop that stops at the Garden of Morning Calm, Le Petite France and Namiseon Island, which are the three key tourist destinations at the moment.

I have been to this garden four times and still enjoy it because garden has continued to build, planting more flower beds, adding buildings, and this year a new suspension bridge. If you like flowers, trees, and enjoy outing, this is a great place to be: fresh air, colorful flowers, and beautiful pine trees. Besides, there is a lake, pavilions, a river stream, a green house, bridges. You can easily spend a good half day here. There are restaurants, coffee shops, tea house, and souvenir shops.

The tour buses or the local public buses are not very frequent. So please pay attention to the time table.

The grass area of the Garden of Morning Calm 晨靜樹木園的草地
Gingko trees and the grass area in the middle of the garden. It used to allow people to sit and walk on it. Not any more this year (2015). I guess there are just too many tourists. 晨靜樹木園中間的草地部份,有銀杏樹。以前草地是可以在上面坐的,現在(2015年)就不可以,相信是因為遊客太多了。
The Garden of Morning Calm 晨曦花園
There are different themed areas in the garden. 花園有分幾個不同的區域。
The Garden of Morning Calm 晨曦花園
The huts are great shades in the garden. Please take off your shoes to go up to to the huts. 花園有些小茅屋可以休息,如要上去,請除鞋。
The Garden of Morning Calm 晨靜樹木園
There are quite a lot of nice spots for maple trees photography. 晨靜樹木園內有不少拍攝紅葉的地方。
The Garden of Morning Calm 晨曦花園
There is a lake with a pavilion in the middle. Beautiful landscape! 這裏也有山有水,湖中有小涼亭,加上楓葉樹,美!



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