A Colorful and Romantic Journey

Launched in 2013, the Yilan train station and neighborhood (called Jimmy Square) has become a lovely open photo studio, decorating with some interesting art works of Jimmy Liao, a famous illustrator in Taiwan.

I like Jimmy Liao’s illustration and think that he is a great artist with great imagination, excellent drawing skills, and very thoughtful. His style is original. He became famous after publishing some award-winning children’s books. I read his books. No kidding, it’s more for adults to appreciate, seeing the world from the heart of children.

The theme of the Yilan train station is “Snapshots of your Journey”.  The area is decorated with larger-than-life colorful travel-related characters and sculptures. The selected scenes of Jimmy Liao include: the two friends waiting for a bus from “Starry night”, the characters of “Turn left, turn right” when they both left the apartment to start looking for a new place to live, the luggages of different sizes and shapes from “Subway”.

It is also a great illustration of everyone’s journey – some sad stories, some romantic, some happy endings…

Jimmy Liao's Starry Night scene.
The signature sculpture – a scene from “Starry night”: Two friends waiting for a bus to school. These two children were lonely in hearts. One’s dad worked somewhere else. The girl grew up with grand parents, and her parents alway argued at home. Typical stories. Parents: your children may be lonely at heart. 宜蘭最著名的幾米路邊藝術雕塑:《星空》的場景,兩個好朋友一起等巴士上學。他們內心寂寞,一個父親在不同的地方工作,小女孩是祖父母帶大的,父母在家經常吵架。這都是現在典型的生活寫照。父母們:你們的孩子內心可能很寂寞。
Turn left, turn right《向左走,向右走》
“Turn left, turn right” scene. He always turns left when he gets out of the door. That’s why he has never seen her. 《向左走,向右走》的場景。他永遠向左走,所以沒有看到她。
Turn left, turn right《向左走,向右走》
She always turn right, that’s why she has never met him. Until they packed an go to look for a better place to live. They finally met. 她往往向右走,所以沒有遇到他。直到他們都決定去找新地方住,最後遇到了。
Luggages from "Subway" 《地下鐵》的行李箱
From “Subway” story: Luggages of different sizes and shapes left on the road. Each bag carries a different story and memory of its journey. 《地下鐵》的包包:到處都有不同大小的行李,每個包包都有它的旅程故事和記憶。




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