The Largest Art Village in South Korea

First designated as a book village near the border of South Korea, the idea has quickly expanded into a “cultural art village” by engaging over three hundred cultural artists. Today, Heyri Art Valley has 370 members. There are museums, galleries, cafes and restaurants, sales, exhibitions, sculptures, book house, and living space for artists. Every building was designed by nationally and internationally renowned architects.

Museum of Contemporary Ceramic at Heyri Art Valley
This is the signature architect featured in many posts about Heyri Art Valley.There is a cafe and a Museum of Contemporary Ceramic in the building.
Cafe Between in Heyri Art Valley
There are some ceramic art in the restaurant area.
Coffee Museum in Heyri Art Valley
Coffee Museum
Game Museum in Heyri Art Valley
Game Museum
Game Museum Cafe in Heyri Art Valley
Most of the museums has a cafe, so you can always enjoy a drink or snack in a themed environment. An alien pointing at Santa… a bit evil.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
An interesting building
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
93 Museum is a trick art museum.
93 博物館是錯覺幻視館。
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
The entrance of the trick art museum displays all the photo spots.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
There are quite a few sculptures in the village.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
The art village is very green. The are trees and plants everywhere. This sculpture probably symbolizes the green network.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
Coffee shops and restaurants are abundant in the art valley. It is quite challenging to pick a good one to try because they all look good.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
Classic Western style restaurant with leather chairs.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
Most of the cafes and restaurants have very high ceiling, two floors and open view.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
Every artist/member in the village can have their own building. Nice!
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
The master plan of Heyri Art Valley is to build a green network which includes green rest area, foot passages and small parks.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
No buildings exceed three stories tall. Many of them blend in with the green environment.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
There are five short bridges that were built through a public contest, adding interesting architecture and civil engineering elements to the art village.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
Whenever I see a bridge like this, it’s always tempting to walk on it.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
When I see this chair…
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
This sculpture must be sponsored by Hyundai.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
Steering wheel?
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
This old double-decker bus was just “parked” in the parking area, blending in with other cars.
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
Alive museum
Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
There are a few romantic paintings outside the Alive Museum.

Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
Wings are always very popular.

Dinosaurs museum in Heyri Art Valley
Dinosaurs Museum

Heyri Art Valley 嗨里藝術村
For young children, there is an all-in-one plaza where there there are games, museums and cafes.
Book Museum in Heyri Art Valley
The famous Book Museum
Book Museum in Heyri Art Valley
The Book Museum is massive with extremely high ceiling. There is a cafe on the ground floor.
Book Museum in Heyri Art Valley
There’s no stairs in the three-storey building. Only slopes and there are books everywhere, including the corridors.
Book Museum in Heyri Art Valley
Anyone can easily spend half a day here. Of course almost all accessible books and merchandise are for sale.
Book Museum in Heyri Art Valley
Heyri Art Platform is a huge space near the northern border of South Korea. You may take a bus to get there from Seoul. It’s pretty convenient.
Transportation: Subway to Hapjeong Station Exit 1, take bus no. 2200. It takes about 50 minutes.
嗨里藝術村位於首爾的北面靠近南韓邊境的坡州。從首爾可以乘搭地鐵到合井站1號出口,轉乘 2200 巴士,約50分鐘到達。

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