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The First Sushi Restaurant in Hokkaido

Azuma Sushi in Sapporo 北海道札幌東壽司

Established in 1875, Azumazushi was proud to be the first sushi restaurant introduced to Hokkaido. Azuma means ‘east’ in Japan, it’s a name chosen by the founder who came from Tokyo, east of Japan.

Today, there are so many choices of sushi bars, Japanese restaurants and fish markets where you can enjoy fresh sushi in Hokkaido. Yet, visiting or re-visiting heritage restaurants is one of the things that frequent travellers do. In my last trip to Hokkaido in October, I had a lunch in this 130 year old restaurant brand and it turned out to be the last chance.

Azumazushi in Sapporo 北海道札幌東壽し
Locating on the main street right near the Susukino subway station, Azumazushi was on 7F and 8F of this Kitako S4 Building on the main road.
Azumazushi in Sapporo 北海道札幌東壽し
The 7F were all Japanese-style dining room with low tables and chairs. I went after the lunch hour and had this dining room with 4 tables all by myself.
Azumazushi in Sapporo 北海道札幌東壽し
The menu was very tourist-friendly with English and Chinese, and there was a wide variety of food choices, from sushi to rice bowl to grill seafood. Sushi was of course the most popular choice.
Azumazushi in Sapporo 北海道札幌東壽し
I had a set of Nigiri-sushi set. It came with 9 pieces of assorted seafood sushi and a miso soup.
Azumazushi in Sapporo
Azumazushi was considered upscale restaurant, serving fresh “hand-gripped” sushi in a nice dining environment. This sushi set was ¥3,000. The food was good and I had the entire dining room to myself. I feel lucky to be able to enjoy a nice lunch in a heritage restaurant before it closed on 31 October 2016.
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