The Best Sunset Spots in Shikoku

The two most popular destinations for sunset are Shimonada Station in Ehime Prefecture and Chichibugahama in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku Japan. Well, the reason is obvious: beautiful and unique.

1. Chichibugahama 父母之濱 in Kagawa Prefecture

Chichibugahama Beach 父母之濱
Chichibugahama Beach 父母之濱

Stretching 1km long along the coast in Mitoyo City, west of Kagawa Prefecture, Chichibugahama Beach is renown for the amazing mirror images similar to the salt flat Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, attracting many locals and tourists to just come for some breath-taking shots without having to fly across the planet. Thanks to the “parents”, the local communities to initiate cleaning up the beach since 1995 so that we can now all enjoy a clean beach and take great photos.

However, the mirror images are only possible under certain condition: nice clear day and low tide. Not the low tide of the day, but the low tide of the month. Please check out the tidal schedule before you head over.

Transportation: In addition to driving, you may take a bus/taxi from JR Takuma Station. Buses only run from Monday to Saturday and it is not very frequent. Calling a taxi to return is an option.

2. Shimonada Station 下灘站 in Ehime Prefecture

Shimonada Station 下灘站
Shimonada Station 下灘站

Once called a “No man station”, Shimonada Station along the coast west of Ehima Prefecture has become a popular stop for many photographers, lovers and tourists in general after the sunset was featured in some TV drama series in Japan.

Sure enough, there is no station staff to sell/check/collect your ticket at the station. Passengers are free to roam around, walk in and out of the station before the train arrives. This trust system is lovely. I hope it stays this way with no abuse.

While waiting for the beautiful sunset, what’s better than getting a drink/coffee and sit around on a Love Love Bench with your loved one? Shimonada Coffee is a mobile coffee van right outside the station, offering hand drip hot coffee and drinks.

Shimonada Coffee targets visitors to the station so it only operates on nice day till sunset. ¥350 for a cup of hot coffee and ¥400 for a cold coffee. There are also beers and other drinks.

Details are available on “Shikoku Travel Guide” 四國旅遊書 (Chinese Only). If you would like more information in English, please contact [email protected] or leave a message on the Travelmomo Facebook Page.


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