Uiamho Lake Skywalk


This Uiamho Lake skywalk is only 12 meters above the surface of the water yet looks daring to walk on. Like many other sky walks, the floor is transparent so you would feel like walking in the sky (or above water in this case). The whole experience of this new attraction is nice. First, it’s a new destination. So there aren’t that many tourists yet. Once it becomes popular, it is not possible to take photos without capturing other people. Second, the Uiamho Lake Skywalk is built as an extension from a bike path in the lake area of Chuncheon, which is famous for the surrounding lakes and rivers that offers a relaxing environment for hiking, camping, biking and canoeing types of outdoor activities. The Uiamho is a large lake with two islands in the middle. You may rent a wooden canoe to paddle around for an hour or two and enjoy the natural environment in a different way. I will try that next time I visit. On a cloudless sunny day, it is beautiful everywhere! Travel smart: there is a cafe in the area…

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