Cycling has become a popular way to pace yourself to travel around Japan, particularly in some suburb regions. Locating south of shikoku Japan, Kochi is the largest and considered the most remote prefecture in Shikoku region. It is well known for the mountains, rivers and the Pacific coastline. Cycling is one of the best way to explore the city and some suburban areas. 1) Shimanto River(四萬十) Stretching 196 km south of Kochi, the Shimanto River is the longest river in Shikoku region, and is considered the most crystal clear stream in Japan Surrounded by the serene and beautiful nature. The most intriguing feature of this river is the 22 chinkabashi (ubmersible bridges) designed without guardrail, allowing debris to flow through when the water level is high during rainy season. This fascinating feature is a major attraction to travellers. For the experienced cyclists, you may cycle from Ekawasaki Station (江川崎駅) to JR Nakamura Station (中村駅)or vice versa. If it is a day trip, please make sure you return your bike before the rental shop closes. For a easy ride half day…

If you like flowers and garden, the choices are abundant in Japan. In Shikoku, what you see the most would be the famous impressionist artist Claude Monet’s water lily ponds, large and small. Monet’s Garden Marmottan in Kitagawa Village The most impressive one is the Monet’s Garden Marmottan in Kitagawa Village in Kochi. It was a licensed replica of the Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France. The 30,000 square meters garden consists of three main themed gardens inspired by Monet’s paintings: Flower Garden, Water Garden and Light Garden. The Water Garden is the signature garden of all, featuring a Japanese taiko bridge arched over a pond which looks exactly like the one in France. There are wisteria, willow trees, bamboo and a selection of water lilies. You may see the iconic blue water lilies between July and October every year! It is a great place to spend half a day strolling around in the tranquil environment and enjoy a light meal in the French style cafe. Otsuka Museum of Art The second place where you can see a Claude Monet’s…

Japan is one of the most developed countries with extensive railway networks throughout the country. While the bullet train Shinkansen and Japan Railway (JR) are about speed and efficiency, some of the local trains are interesting in a different way. In Kochi, the Tosa Kuroshio Tetsudo(Railway) Gomen-Nahari Line was characterized by 20 unique figures designed by Kochi-born artist Takashi Yanase, the creator of “Anpanman” Animate.

Ever thought about seeing what is hard to see, like flying chicken. Why do things happen when you expect them? Strolling around the serene Monet’s Garden in Kitagawa Village, Kochi Japan, every visitor is expecting to see beautiful water lilies, flowers, ponds, trees and nice landscape. The Monet’s Garden in Kitagawa Village was the only other place on earth to obtain a permission to replicate the Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France. The one in Kitagawa Village consists of three gardens: Flower Garden, Water Garden and Light Garden and it is a vast natural environment. It was pleasant to see the unusual flying chicken, and it’s not even in a farm! What a nice surprise. That’s one of the great things about travelling. Seeing is believing.

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