Japan railway


Japan is one of the most developed countries with extensive railway networks throughout the country. While the bullet train Shinkansen and Japan Railway (JR) are about speed and efficiency, some of the local trains are interesting in a different way. In Kochi, the Tosa Kuroshio Tetsudo(Railway) Gomen-Nahari Line was characterized by 20 unique figures designed by Kochi-born artist Takashi Yanase, the creator of “Anpanman” Animate.

Getting around by train is one of the best way to explore Shikoku, Japan. You will not only visit most of the popular sightseeing destinations, but also enjoy the fun of riding on special trains. In Shikoku, the four special Anpanman trains are not-to-be-missed for families travelling with young children. Anpanman is a children’s anime series created by the Kochi-born creator Takashi Yanase (1919-2013). Launched in 1973, the anime featuring a superhero Anpan with a red bean-paste pastry head protecting the world from an evil germ called Baikinman. Today, the anime continued to be a popular cartoon among young children. The cartoon characters are made into a variety of merchandise. There are museums and Anpanman trains in Japan! There are 4 Anpanman trains in Shikoku. Two of them runs every day.

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