Soup has been a traditional Chinese recipe to stay healthy, particularly for those living in Southern China. I recently came across a unique “7.1 Summer Vegetarian Soup” recipe in a Chinese Herbal Medicine Shop and would like to share. The name of the soup “7.1” has double meaning. 1) July 1 is the middle of the summer in Hong Kong. 2) There are 7 main herbal ingredients. The naming was to make it easy. Since the recipe is in Chinese, the translation of the ingredients may not be accurate. In case you are an English speaker who want to give the receipe a try. Please show the Chinese name of the ingredients when you buy them.

Running is a trending exercise now. Many people are into getting nice shoes with cushions and support. How many are into functional socks that make running easy? As a frequent travellers to Japan, shopping is one of the main activities and “Made in Japan” products are appealing. However, when it comes to sports goods, foreign brands such as Nike and Adidas are far more popular than the local brands in Japan. So it is not as easy as you think to find local products that are made in Japan. Recently I saw some made-in-Japan functional running socks in a sports store called Sports Authority. They look good, made in Japan, so I bought a couple of different styles and give it a try.

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