Set up in 1993, Shenzhen Safari Park was a national run zoo until end of 2007. It is now a subsidiary of Shenzhen Travel Holdings Limited. Over the past 10 years, the zoo had undergone lots of changes and improvements, adding aquariums and kangaroo gardens. The park is really spacious even if you don’t know how big 600,000 square meter is. There are lots of animals and the living conditions for each types of animal are good. Most of them look healthy which is a good indication. Tigers, lions, leopards, bears, wolfs, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, deer, yak, oryx, hippos, rhinoceros, giant pandas, penguins, flamingo, pelicans and more. There are several feeding and riding experience at extra costs. Shenzhen Safari Park was the first zoo in China with uncaged animals. The walking observation path of lions, tigers and bears was great but it wasn’t feature in the video (I already ran out off camera battery by the time I got there). Next time. With the availability of High Speed Railway connecting Hong Kong and China, the Shenzhen Safari Park is conveniently…

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