For those who travel to Bhutan for 5-7 days, particularly the first time visitor, you will probably just spend the time in the western region which covers the most popular tourist destinations, including the Tiger’s nest and Paro Dzong in Paro; the big buddha and Dochula Pass in Thimphu; and Punakha Dzong. If you have more time, there are a lot more to see in central Bhutan but there is a long ride.

Built in 1648, Trongsa Dzong has been a significant fortress in Bhutan where the first two kings ruled the kingdom from this seat of power. Most of the dzongs or fortresses were built in strategic locations around the same time (1600s) to protect the country from the Tibetan invasion. This Trongsa Dzong, particularly, locates on the ridge of the mountain right on the pathway between the western region and the central/eastern regions, becoming an important gateway in Bhutan.

When you make your travel plan to Bhutan, you can only fly on Drukair or Bhutan Airlines which only operates a direct flights to and from Bangkok, Singapore, Nepal and India. All of the flights flying into Paro International Airport are in the morning so there is a need to stay over another country for the flight transfer. Hence many travellers or tour groups would combine the Bhutan trip with Nepal or India. For travellers from Hong Kong or the neighboring countries/cities, Bangkok would be an easier stop over because of the abundant flight availability and it is one of the hottest travel destinations. It’s not a bad idea to get a spa and enjoy delicious Thai food before and after the Bhutan trip.

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