First of all, the feature photo of this article is a composed photo of Seto Bridge and the Anpanman Torokko Train for illustration purpose. Yet these two photos are original image of the Seto Bridge and the train. While the Yosan Anpanman Train 8000 Series look the coolest both outside and inside, this Seto Bridge Anpanman Train is probably the best route in terms of scenery. Seto Inland Sea is the largest inland sea in Japan, covering a wide area with stunning view and more than 3,000 small islands. This Seto Bridge line runs between Okayama in West Japan and Takamatsu/Kotohira in Shikoku Japan. Depending where you start and finish, the train ride can be within 1 hour, long enough to it a fun excursion for children yet short enough for the parents. Perfect! This Seto Bridge Line Anpanman Train only runs at the weekend between March and middle of July, and stops in the winter (December to February). But it will operate everyday between July 21 and August 31, 2018! Please check out the train schedule for details (Japanese…

Getting around by train is one of the best way to explore Shikoku, Japan. You will not only visit most of the popular sightseeing destinations, but also enjoy the fun of riding on special trains. In Shikoku, the four special Anpanman trains are not-to-be-missed for families travelling with young children. Anpanman is a children’s anime series created by the Kochi-born creator Takashi Yanase (1919-2013). Launched in 1973, the anime featuring a superhero Anpan with a red bean-paste pastry head protecting the world from an evil germ called Baikinman. Today, the anime continued to be a popular cartoon among young children. The cartoon characters are made into a variety of merchandise. There are museums and Anpanman trains in Japan! There are 4 Anpanman trains in Shikoku. Two of them runs every day.

If you are travelling around Shikoku with your children this summer, using JR train is a good option. A) You will save a lot of stress and hassle for driving long distance. B) There are a number of Anpanman trains that you can ride on as part of the family program to amuse your children. C) There is a stamp collection campaign till 30 September 2018: collect 4 different stamps to get a special gift. It is a special Anpanman handkerchief made in Imabari, the most famous place for producing high quality towels in Japan.

The Anpanman Children’s Museum in Fukuoka city, Kyushu Japan is a themed playground occupying 2 floors in a mall which is ideal for the parents who want the benefits of an indoor and conveniently located place for their children to have some fun. Anpanman is a hero cartoon character illustrated by a Japanese illustrator and writer, Takashi Yanase. It started as children’s book and became a big hit among children after it became an animated TV series in 1988. Many friends of Anpanman are introduced to keep the animate fresh and appealing to young children. Today, the characters are made into a wide variety of merchandise goods, including clothes, accessories, stationeries and snacks. There are a few Anpanman Children’s Museums in Japan. The one in Fukuoka is the only one that locates in a shopping mall. Yet it offers a good variety of activities, shops and restaurants. The Anpanman performance is a highlight that draws everyone’s attention.

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