Adorned with beautiful gingko trees, the 1-kilometer street of Sinsa Dong Garosu-gil (tree-lined street) is one of the most popular areas for both locals and tourists in Gangnam, Seoul. Garosu-gil housed art galleries in the 1980s and small shops in 1990s. In the past decade, modern shops popped up and many are run by young generations who studied overseas, bringing western styles to create a unique and cool area for dating, hanging out with friends, and tourists to visit.

The popularity of Line, a mobile application for instant messaging and communications has continued. The characters (Line friends) are so popular that they are now created into 3D toys, T-shirts and all kinds of merchandise. A Line Friends retail counter in Lotte Young Plaza in Myeongdong a few years ago is now expanding into a flagship store with a Line Cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam in Seoul in March 2015. There are Line Friends stores in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Asia but if you travel to Seoul, you won’t miss the Line Friends Cafe & Store.

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