The Banpodaegyo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is an interesting 20-minute show at night in Seoul between April and October. There are 3 shows from 20:00 to 21:00 during the weekdays in April, June, September and October. The show begins earlier at 19:30 at the weekends, holidays and in the summer (July and August). If you come to the area early, check out the Some Evit on the other side of the bridge which is an artificial island with multimedia gallery and coffee shops. The sunset is really gorgeous then you may walk across to see the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain performance.

First designated as a book village near the border of South Korea, the idea has quickly expanded into a “cultural art village” by engaging over three hundred cultural artists. Today, Heyri Art Valley has 370 members. There are museums, galleries, cafes and restaurants, sales, exhibitions, sculptures, book house, and living space for artists. Every building was designed by nationally and internationally renowned architects.

If we are not shopping for cars, we don’t normally go to car showrooms. That’s why most car companies come to you by running road shows and events. Some set up coffee shops and VIP services for the car owners to enhance their brand loyalty. But that’s pretty exclusive and usually not very accessible by public transportation. Now, if you visit Seoul, you may go Hyundai Motorstudio which is locating in Gangnam, a walking distance from a subway station. It’s a inviting motor studio where you are free to see, touch and feel different car models.

Walking around Gangnam is really fun. Most of the shops are spectacular with unique design. A shop is not just a shop, it’s a whole building. It’s very fascinating to explore the area. The Figure Museum W is one of the buildings that caught my eye when I walked by. It is a private museum that features all kinds of figures from Japanese manga to American super heroes.

Roses are spring flowers even though they are grown throughout the year for commercial purpose. So if you want to see the natural rose blossom, it will be end of spring season around mid/end May to early June in Korea. There are 3 Rose Festivals in Korea, one in South West of Korea closer to Busan, 2 others are in Seoul. This year the Rose Festival in Olympic Park is held from May 27 to early June.

Designed by a renowned award-winning architect Zaha Hadid, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is the world’s largest three-dimensional amorphous architectural structure with 45,133 external aluminium panels that are all different in size, curve and pattern. Zaha Hadid, or should be called Dame Zaha Hadid, DBE is an Iraqi-British architect who was the first woman recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004. With a design concept of “Metonymic Landscape” and reminiscent of flowing water, DDP adopts a fluid design with curved walls and a free-form shape. This beautiful three-dimensional amorphous structure employs an innovative design approach called Building Information Modeling (BIM) as well as mega-trusses and a space frame to minimize the use of columns and create a massive open space. It is spectacular on the outside and breath-taking inside.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is the newest and most iconic landmark of the Korean design industry. In addition to the art halls, the whole area inside out are filled with interesting designer products and display. I remember seeing an international brand creating a special design road show to enhance it brand awareness and uplift its artistic image. In light of the vast space at DDP, this article will focus on the outdoor display of designer art work. I will write more about other areas in separate posts.

The LED Rose Garden at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul was a major attraction since last autumn. The 25,550 LED roses were set up as one of the exhibition to celebrate the first anniversary of DDP, encouraging continued support by the local communities to this new landmark of design and creativity. The 25,550 roses are also symbolic to the 70th anniversary of the South Korea Independence Day (70 years  x 365 days = 25,550). Meaningful, thoughtful and beautiful!  Beauty is one of the key elements in art and design. The white roses are well made and the glow at night using LED lights have created a vast starlight field of roses. Each rose is planted independently on a real grass field. You don’t see any messy electric wires on the ground. The rose garden is set up on a slope, enabling visitors to get good view in every angle. Well thought out and excellent execution! All roses are lit up from 6pm to 10pm every day, attracting many couples, families as well as tourists to take a walk and capture the…

Petite France in the countryside of Seoul has become very famous after the popular Korea television drama series “My Love from the Star” was filmed in the park. Similar to the story of Little Prince who came to the earth and longing to go back to his left behind rose, the main character of “My Love from the Star” came to the earth 400 years ago and was due to go back to his planet when he fell in love with an actress. The romantic episode was filmed in the park! Locating near Namiseon Island and the Garden of Morning Calm, Petite France is one of the attractions in between around Gapyeong and Cheongpyeong area. The theme park was built as a French cultural village and a youth training centre (it was originally a youth training site). “Flowers, stars, and the Little Prince” encapsulate the theme of the park but I think that these three elements are one – the Little Prince story if you are familiar with it. That’s because I didn’t see many flowers in the park, the Little Prince paintings and…

Miss Lee cafe is a must if you are a Korean TV drama fan. The second season of the Korean reality show “We Got Married” was filmed in the Insadong branch, one of the three Miss Lee Cafes in Seoul. As you can tell just from the name of the show, this coffee shop was where the actor and actress dated. Like many other film locations, this coffee shop has become famous after the show was broadcasted. Well, there is always a reason why it was chosen as a film location to begin with. The interior decoration and the atmosphere of Miss Lee cafe is indeed nice and sweet. Before I stopped by, I have not seen any of the TV show nor done much research about the coffee shop. I only remember seeing the logo somewhere in a guide book. It was time to have lunch. So I looked at the menu and decided to give it a try. The restaurant is not that small. There is an outdoor sitting area and there are quite a few tables inside. The main feature is the…

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