A busy commercial and shopping area, and an interchange for two major subway lines, Seomyeon is considered the heart of Busan where you see more locals than tourists. The bars and restaurant area near the subway station exit 6 and 4 is the place to be at night. If you just walk through the alleys, there are a lot of choices of food and drink venues.

On the day of hiking along the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress from Paldalmun to Seojangdae Command Post (the section from the South Gate to the West Gate), I took a lunch break by walking down the stairs back to the Palace which is the center of the Fortress. That’s where the shops and restaurants are. Fried chicken is one of the famous food in Suwon. Not going to the fried chicken street at the point, getting a chicken noodle is a good option. Well, it’s still fried chicken.

It will be a good half-day walk if you take the 8 views challenge and have a good look at Bukchon Hanok Village. Depending on the time you start, a lunch/afternoon tea is a good way to break up a long walk. While you are in Bukchon, don’t miss a chance to dine in a traditional Korea house as well. Here are a couple of places I’ve tried.

In a hot summer day, one of the best things to do is to enjoy a bowl of cool ice flake in a nice cafe with air-conditioning. In Korea, there’s no shortage of ice cream, desserts and coffee shops. When there is a choice, the environment and interior design of the coffee shop is an important factor. It’s been a trending thing to have coffee and tea in the converted traditional Korean houses in Seoul. In the newly developed Incheon Songdo Central Park, Hanok house are built for commercial purposes.

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