Namiseon Island has always been a very popular destination for the locals and tourist.  Just in the last couple of years, I would say visiting tourists have out proportion the locals, particularly during the autumn foliage season. More shops, cafes and restaurants are established with the sharp rise of tourists in recent years. As soon as the first ferry starts, over 100 tourists arrive every 10 minutes. It is almost impossible to get any pictures taken without people getting in the way or the other way round. So I took a different approach: go to the island when people are leaving, spend a night in the hotel, and leave when Namiseon Island is packed with tourists the next day.

Locating within Naejansan National Park, Baekyangsa is the second location where you may see more autumn foliage. You may see the mountain backdrop with colorful autumn foliage and reflection on a couple of ponds, walk on the bridges, and visit some culture assets of South Korea. The special photo spots are the “pond” area by the entrance and the pavilion at the temple. It is easily accessible from Naejangsan but you will have to spend at least one more day on Jeongeup/Naejangsan to be able to visit. You won’t be able to do a day trip to cover both Naejangsan National Park and Baekyangsa Temple even though the later is part of the National Park.

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